Friday, December 28, 2007

Strip Squad: Two New Tracks!

Earlier today another end-of-year treat made its way into our email inbox, so we happily decided to take a break from our "break" to share the music. The first Strip Squad feature on MML happened well over a year and a half ago [March 2006] and we were beginning to wonder if they had simply disappeared since that time. Not a chance. The band is back with what I think is most of the original five piece lineup and some big plans for 2008. As a follow up to their previous album "The Adventures Of Strip Squad", there will be a new release at some point during the summer of next year. Also planned around the same time is a tour of Estonia that might spill into few other countries and a Swedish music festival if they can pull it together. Since the Strip Squad website server is currently down for repair, you will need to check the Strip Squad MySpace page for more info. Both the new and older songs are a perversely darling listen that gives us a guilty appreciation for the band's motto "Too vulgar to be twee". Let's get started with the new music.

MP3: Damn You
MP3: You Cream My Pants

Perverted Bonus: Three tracks from the previously released gem "The Adventures Of Strip Squad".

MP3: Pervert/Expert
MP3: Unreliable Narrator
MP3: If You Don't Take Me Right Away You Might As Well Fuck Off

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Loyal Trooper: New Demos!

In case you hadn't noticed, our holiday slow-down at MML is well underway as this year's consumer duties approach the automatic sliding doors and and elderly greeter-types involved with last minute hunting/gathering. We've received plenty of gifts from previously featured musicians so far this season and have another treat to share with you today. Earlier this year, we featured London, UK based artist Andy Walker and his music project The Loyal Trooper [August 07 review + download]. As a follow up, we received a message from Andy a few days ago regarding some new rough demo tracks he'd been working on for 2008. We receive demos to check out quite often and, to be honest, there are usually more than a few that need to be left aside for further polish or the rubbish bin. In this case, there was not a single track we could omit from our feature. The new songs, finished or not, are worthy of any upcoming release that may be in the works for next year. If you are familiar with previous material from The Loyal Trooper, you will immediately notice a more stripped down sound as Andy takes a break from spoken-through guitar pop to pursue an intimate new acoustic flavor. The next live performance will take place January 9 at Braintree, (Essex) UK venue/wine bar HOGS, kicking off a string of regional UK dates you can find listed on The Loyal Trooper MySpace page. Look for a big feature on Mr. Walker once 2008 gets rolling and be sure to check out the following demos...

MP3: Nottingham Wasn't Built For Me
MP3: Okay At Best
MP3: For Another Day
MP3: The Holloway To Beeston Express

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Low Scores

Lately on MML, the back and forth rotation of experimental electronica and guitar based rock has (hopefully) become a complementary mix of music. However unlikely that may seem to some, it's exactly what we had in mind when starting things here a couple of years ago. Today's featured artist confirms our evolving notion that live instrumentation, when manipulated proficiently, escapes the usual saddles involved with traditional genre classification. Low Scores is the decade long music project of a multi-instrumentalist named Nicholas from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The tracks are created with an initial platform building from something as simple as a bassline into an accompaniment of programmed synth/drums, open tuned guitars and various field recordings as needed. Black Tape, the latest track from Low Scores, was made available a week ago as a finished product (for now) that will end up belonging to an upcoming EP early in 2008. This is a highly recommended listen.

MP3: Black Tape

Oh yes...there's more. Earlier this year, a trio of EPs were released within a week of one another for download only. Although never properly pressed, the following tracks are taken from each one and might give you a more complete idea of why we are so impressed here. When visiting the Low Scores MySpace page, be sure to check out the blog section where you will find a ton of downloadable music including zip files for all three EPs. The Low Scores website is currently under construction, but there is an additional remix/collaboration with Houston, Texas based musician Stenographer, titled "teenacide", you might also want to check out. More good stuff for listening follows... enjoy.

From the July 2007 EP Young Frise:
MP3: Lost Days
From the July 2007 EP Trapper/Keeper:
MP3: Trapper Keeper
From the July 2007 EP Blix:
MP3: Once Again

Monday, December 10, 2007

MML: Poetry For The Winter

The holiday season is becoming very busy for the MML family and there hasn't been much time to feature music here. Oh, and this might also be the worst color scheme we've come up with yet... sooo, unless you are prone to epileptic seizures or migraines, please think of our festive post as a Christmas card from your Grandmother (only without the $20 inside). Our first big thank you goes out to Antonia Pehrson and her music project Komon. The original thought for this multi-feature entered our heads when she offered (and we listened to) our new favorite 2007 holiday song. Monika Bullette of The Sky Drops and legendary musician Hangnail Phillips were also nice enough to bring back the goods in the form of a duet from last year. Then there is the very cool (NSFW) track that was sent from our new friend Allison Apperson of Richmond, Virginia based outfit Hot Lava. This song has been stuck in my head for days now and the word "Wii" has been replaced many times over [insert cat name] as our felines make their hourly attempt to avoid my chase. We've thrown in some classics from the previous couple of years to complete things so the audio quality might change from one track to the next. Just adjust your volume, enjoy the music and know that we love (or at least wish no specific ill upon) each and every one of you who take the time to visit us. There will be more music to end the year so please stick around. Ho Ho Ho from Casey & Michelle!!


MP3: Poetry For The Winter

Cocteau Twins

MP3: Frosty The Snowman

Hot Lava

MP3: X-Mass Wii

Bullette & Hangnail Phillips

MP3: The Finest Gifts

Shonen Knife

MP3: Space Christmas

Eux Autres

MP3: Another Christmas At Home

Asobi Seksu

MP3: Merry Christmas/I Don't Want To Fight (Ramones cover)

Monika Bullette

MP3: Blue Christmas

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bob Mould: District Line/New Single

photo by Casey (2006)

December is well under way and we've been sorting through all of the music featured during 2007 for our year end roundup. This task will
need to be set aside for now as a preview from Bob Mould's upcoming February 2008 release District Line has surfaced over at From what I gather, after visiting Boblog, the track was originally supposed to be for listening only, but ended up available as a download to share with "everyone in the whole wide world". While we are not altogether certain whether Mr. Mould intended that as an open invitation or an amused chastisement, we are more than excited about the new full length release. If this track is any indication of what can be expected from the balance of music included within District Line, our Best of 2008 list will easily have its first strong contender. Take a moment or two for a listen to the lead single.

MP3: The Silence Between Us

The new album will be released through Los Angeles based Anti- Records on Feburary 2 and you will most definitely be able to pre-order it online. For updated news and all of the specifics regarding District Line, check into the Bob Mould website. A few tracks from the 2005 release Body Of Song (as well as a ton of other Bob fans) can also be found upon visiting the Bob Mould MySpace page. The Silence Between Us is a perfect first glimpse into the future of one of the most influential rock musicians of the past 30 years. Plenty of friends who visit our blog on a regular basis might agree that not many artists, with this much history or not, can consistently surpass any question of relevance in today's revolving-door music environment. This is about as good as it gets... an amazing holiday treat.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Small Colin

The weather prediction for Cincinnati tonight is snow, starting in an hour or so, and the excitement for us is growing. Seated on two chairs inside of our balcony window, we've been looking out over the Ohio River to see the first snowflakes drift down tonight. The ambient music of this evening's featured artist turned out to be the perfect compliment to our cocktails and simple festivities around the house. Small Colin (laptop, guitars, drumsticks) is an experimental musician, originally from Scotland, who now resides (and designs furniture) in Jönköping, Sweden. His brand new 5 song EP, titled Small Colin... Is An Athelete, was just released through Aachen, Germany based netlabel Electroreptil (Electroreptil MySpace) and includes the occasional vocal assistance of Daniel Larsson and Eyrún Thorhallsdottír. There is more music and information to be found on the Small Colin MySpace, and he also maintains a Small Colin blog to keep friends updated with details on current projects. For an endless gaze through an evening window, we highly recommend a listen to the minimalist, low-key electronica of today's featured musician... and here comes the snow.

MP3: We Have Denied...

*Related Bonus: A track from artist Radio Scotvoid (Radio Scotvoid MySpace) as remixed by Small Colin

MP3: Radio Scotvoid - I'm A Groover, Not A Raver (Small Colin Remix)

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Last Tuesday we received a message from today's featured artist giving us a heads-up on a new downloadable track to review. I've seriously been loving the song I checked out for a couple of days now and just this evening saw an announcement that Pitchfork had already taken a listen and reviewed the music. [insert expletive] I'd usually shy away after that, but the song is far too good and the band was nice enough so our itinerary will remain intact. Sybris is an indie rock quartet from Chicago, Illinois consisting of members Shawn Podgurski (vocals, bass), Phil Naumann (guitars), Angela Mullenhour (vocals, guitar), and Eric Mahle (drums). After forming in 2003 and with an east coast US tour that soon followed, the band released a self titled debut album through Flameshovel Records in 2005. Since that time, Sybris has been a busy buzz-tastic bee participating in numerous festivals and limited tours with national acts most of you are probably familiar with. The brand new track featured today will be a part of an upcoming, full length album set to be released early in 2008. Have a listen.

MP3: Oh Man!

From its sprightly beginnings, Oh Man! takes a winding path down into a slow driving flurry of guitar goodness only to jump back up into your lap for it's conclusion. This is all well and (more than) good but it was the unique near-vaudevillian vocals that captured most of our attention. Angela's voice finds an especially warm new place in our ear, existing somewhere between the stylings of Siouxsie Sioux and Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit. For more information and plenty of music, visit both the Sybris MySpace page and the Sybris website to get a good fix. The next live performance will take place December 13 when Sybris takes the stage along with Headlights at Milwaukee venue Cactus Club.

*Bonus: From the 2005 self titled debut release...
MP3: The Best Day In History In Ever

*Double Extra Secret Bonus (posted 12/2/07 @ 19:26): Another track from the upcoming 2008 full length release...
MP3: Something About A Darkhorse Or Whatever

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mini People In Coney Island

As a child growing up in Ohio, I was surrounded by large regional amusement parks and themed county festivals, so being dragged unwillingly to any one of these destinations for premeditated entertainment was a regular occurrence. Today's featured artist also experienced joy/trauma surrounding a certain massive theme park and has fashioned the feeling of his music around some of these childhood moments. Mini People In Coney Island is the experimental music of Rafael who is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Along with Jeff Rosenfeld, Ella Davidson and various other local musician friends, Rafael has recorded and self-released a new 12 song album titled Nada Dreamland. He explains that the name for the new release comes from a long time theme park that recently closed in Nada, Japan and the music is a result of his dreams and nightmares involved with Walt Disney World. For a listen to a few of the new tracks, you can find a new friend at the Mini People In Coney Island MySpace page. If you like what you've heard there, we highly recommend a visit to the Mini People In Coney Island website where you can freely download a zip file of the entire Nada Dreamland collection of music. It must be mentioned that vocoders are usually something I loathe regardless of genre, however, with today's offering it comes off more naturally than I am accustomed to hearing and serves as a beautiful centerpiece for this experimental backdrop. Very nice.

MP3: Traditionalist
MP3: This Is The Original

*Semi-Related Bonus: I couldn't help but think of this Magnetic Fields song from the 1994 album "Holiday" while doing this here ya go:

MP3: The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers

Monday, November 26, 2007

Astro Firs

Later in the week, we will bring some outstanding experimental electronica from South America and Scandinavia to the table, but for now there is the pressing matter of straight forward indie rock that needs to be addressed. Even if you are not familiar with today's featured artist and are listening for the first time, an easy guess might be made that a substantial amount of attention is right around the corner... and for good reason. Astro Firs are a young, highly energetic rock band consisting of musicians Scott (vocals, guitar), Tate (guitar), Luke (drums, vocals) and Jos (bass) from the coastal town of Falmouth, England. Although they have only been together for little over a year, the stir and momentum beginning to surround the band, along with additional new music for listening, can be taken in while visiting the Astro Firs MySpace page. The track featured today, What They Say, will soon be part of a double A-side single that is set to be released through UK label Dice Music (Dice MySpace) in the earliest part of 2008. The next live performance will be a precursor to next year's limited UK tour and will take place this Wednesday, November 28 at local Falmouth establishment Gylly Cafe. Check out the live set if you can and be prepared to hear much more about this band in the near future.

MP3: What They Say

Friday, November 23, 2007


Since the MML music blog is essentially an afterwork adventure, there are sometimes obstacles when attempting a listen to some of the music artists send our way. From something as simple as a phone call to dinner burning while the cats chew on electric lampcords around the house, there usually is no shortage of events to distract us. Today's featured track has an intro of almost a full minute and plenty can happen in that short time span, but once things kick in you can expect to find yourself in the middle of a solid indie rock song. Renminbi (Chinese for "peoples currency") is the music project of founder Lisa Liu (guitar, vocals) along with Jim Archer (drums, vocals) and SMV (keyboads, vocals) from Brooklyn, New York. Upon visiting the Renminbi website, several clips from previous singles/EPs can be found, as well as some not-so-updated band news. For the latest, including information on the upcoming 2008 full length release, you will only need to visit the Renminbi MySpace page. Included in today's feature is an unmastered track Lisa was kind enough to send in advance of its completion. After listening a few times, I'm not sure the song requires any further polish before making its way onto the new album. The band's next live performance will take place on the 1st of December at local NYC venue The Delancey. In summation, if cooking (forgetting) a leftover porkchop in a toaster is not on the dinner agenda and there are no cats with a death wish present, you will more than likely enjoy the following...

MP3: Lachine

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fredrik Ståhl

After taking a couple of days to recuperate from posting 46 bands and to prepare for an upcoming holiday here in the US, we only had to return to our previous offering to find today's featured musician. A few months ago, the Swedish duo Honeymoon Over! made their way onto our fortunate little music blog [August 2007 review + download]. At the time, it was mentioned that a solo project for half of the band existed but we neglected to elaborate or share the music. Now you get to hear it. The brand new full length release from Fredrik Ståhl, titled Shortcomings & Longshots, was just released last week on Gothenburg based Frukt Records. It is a follow up to Fredrik's most recent EP, Start Making Sense, both of which are available completely free for download through Frukt. The solo material contains hints of the low key song structure we enjoy from Honeymoon Over! while extending a bit further into the realm of true pop. For some reason, a few lesser-known guilty pleasures from the 1991 Dave Wakeling solo release, No Warning come to mind when listening... and this is a very good thing (shhh!). Besides the free downloads available through the label, you can also preview a few new tracks upon visiting the Fredrik Ståhl MySpace page. Check it out for sure.

From the brand new full length release: "Shortcomings & Longshots":

MP3: (Or Maybe) Fort Knox
MP3: Reverend Camden

*Bonus*From the EP: "Start Making Sense":

MP3: When People Go To Work I Go To Bed

Saturday, November 17, 2007

MML: Celebrating The Duo

Every once in a blue moon, we notice a pattern developing with the artists featured on MML and make an attempt to organize somewhat of a quick reference guide for those who may have just stumbled upon our little music blog. In May 2007, we presented the Shoe(gaze) Cupboard which was a compilation of artists who create music from a particular genre we love. Following the internet(s) attention to that post, it was decided to give another go with Sweder's Digest in order to organize a list of favorite bands from Sweden. In the same spirit, we now present a random sample of two piece musical outfits/projects, each who have graced the Milk Milk Lemonade Music Blog. It's always impressive when a complete and satisfying sound can be created without enlisting an army of ex-dormmates who each happen to possess uniform talent for a single elementary school instrument. To be completely honest, we even shy away from most any band fronted by a "Lead Singer" (male) who performs with only a microphone stand to romance. It just seems silly.

Today's feature contains 46 of the best multi-tasking two-member music projects we have been fortunate enough to present over the past two years. The music will vary greatly with each MP3 you click so be prepared for a diverse audio experience. Although the artists are listed alphabetically, the tracks always seem to be a good mix when listened to in order. Grab a beer, find your black feather boa and pull up a chair... It's showtime, girls.


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
MP3: Think Niles Drink

Bad Veins

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
MP3: Gold and Warm
MP3: The Lie


Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
MP3: In Our Talons


Location: Brooklyn, New York
MP3: Feel
MP3: Rorshack
MP3: The Shakes


Location: Adelaide, Australia
MP3: Likewise

Dah Da Candy

Location: Kobe, Japan / Bangkok, Thailand
MP3: Red Flower


Location: Los Angeles, California/elsewhere
MP3: Distant Radio

Eux Autres

Location: Portland, Oregon
MP3: Ecoutez Bien!

Eye Was An Ion

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
MP3: Happening Soon

Frightened Rabbit

Location: Glasgow, Scotland
MP3: Go Go Girls

Giant Drag

Location: Los Angeles, California
MP3: Kevin Is Gay


Location: New York City, New York/Los Angeles, California
MP3: C.Y.O.A.

Honeymoon Over!

Location: Gothenburg,Sweden
MP3: Järntorget
MP3: Sophistication

It's A Musical

Location: Berlin, Germany
MP3: Pain Song
MP3: Take Off Your T-Shirt

Jed & Lucia

Location: Chatsworth, California
MP3: Answers

Katie The Pest

Location: Pasadena, California
MP3: Sober

Kings & Queens

Location: Nevada City, California
MP3: Kings Theme

La Musique Populaire

Location: Champaign, Illinois
MP3: Beautiful Noise


Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
MP3: The Money

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes

Location: Brescia, Italy
MP3: Could I Call You Honey?


Location: Vienna, Austria
MP3: Smapples
MP3: Temporary Happy Ending

Lymbyc Systym

Location: Tempe, Arizona
MP3: Truth Skull

Marching Band

Location: Linköping, Sweden
MP3: Home Alone VI


Location: New York City, New York
MP3: Flying


Location: France
MP3: The Way We Have Chosen

Opsvik & Jennings

Location: New York City, New York
MP3: Self
MP3: The Pendler


Location: Norway + Jämtland, Sweden
MP3: Our Lines

Over The Atlantic

Location: New Zealand
MP3: I Cannot Believe

Panda Riot

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
MP3: Like Flowers At Night
MP3: She Dares All Things


Location: London, United Kingdom
MP3: Hi

RF & Lili De La Mora

Location: Berkeley / Long Beach, California
MP3: Your Book Of Everything

Russian Spy Camera

Location: Athens, Georgia
MP3: Curanderismo


Location: New York, New York
MP3: Groundhogs

Sinks Of Gandy

Location: Huntington, West Virginia
MP3: Though We'd Start


Location: Tokyo, Japan
MP3: If There Is Any News

Spotlight Kid

Location: London, United Kingdom
MP3: Can't Let Go (This Feeling)


Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
MP3: Tefau Ohne Laut


Location: Portland, Oregon
MP3: Ending The Orange Glow

The Berg Sans Nipple

Location: Paris, France
MP3: Along The Quai

The Harvey Girls

Location: Portland, Oregon
MP3: Parking Lot

The Lovekevins

Location: Malmö, Sweden
MP3: Private Life Of A Cat
MP3: Tamagotchi Freestyle

The Olive League

Location: Portland, Oregon
MP3: Island To City
MP3: Our Demon Authors Rendered

The Rosebuds

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
MP3: Boxcar

The Sheds

Location: Burlington, Kentucky
MP3: Between the Moon And Love
MP3: Do You Have A Marlboro
MP3: Drunk For Lunch
MP3: Reflection Of The Sun

The Sky Drops

Location: Wilmington, Delaware
MP3: Now Would Be
MP3: Hang On
MP3: Million
MP3: Sentimental


Location: Bergen, Norway
MP3: Golden Fish In Pool

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Earlier this year we featured two different female musicians from Sweden in the same post [March 2007 review + downloadable goods]. One of those artists was Antonia Pehrson (aka Tango) from Göteborg. Antonia's ongoing music project, Komon, started in 2001 with a few bedroom recordings that incorporated various organs, synths and drum machines to accent her wonderfully candied vocals. The track originally featured here, Are We Friends, is an understated gem that belongs to the 2005 self released Silly Girl EP. Upon visiting the Komon MySpace page, you will find this 4 track release can still be purchased in CD-R format by contacting Ms. Pehrson directly.

MP3: Are We Friends

More recent material from Komon is a noticeable departure with the addition of slightly fuzzed out guitar and lo-fi recording that creates an endearing bedroom twee pop experience. The influence involved in this transformation can be attributed, in part, to Antonia's introduction to the 1997 book of punk history Please Kill Me. The latest release, titled Punk EP, was just made available November 1st through Miami, Florida based and new blogosphere favorite Cloudberry Records (Cloudberry MySpace). The label only produces 100 copies of each single/EP they put out there, so you might want to grab one at some point in the near future.

MP3: A Good Start

As a bonus and extra treat, we have been given the go-ahead from Komon to post a track previously unavailable for download. The following song, Springtime Told Me, is only a demo for now but will most likely make it's way onto a future release. If you hadn't noticed the first time around, there are a few additional new demos available for listening if you return to the Komon MySpace. Pay close attention to "If My Heart Was A House" while there. Lovely song.

MP3: Springtime Told Me (demo)

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Gloaming

As I've mentioned before, we usually don't make a habit of posting purely instrumental music on MML, so when you find it here you can be sure we are fairly smitten with it. Today's featured musician is just such an example of why some of our ideas for content change on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. If you are in the middle of a few things around the nest, now might be a good time to silence the television and/or any other peripheral distraction in the room. For some reason I imagine a late evening, with one last cocktail or cigarette, just before sliding off into tomorrow as the perfect moment to take in any one of these beautiful tracks. The Gloaming is an experimental music project of Bristol, UK artist Benjamin Shillabeer. Incorporating various instruments and audio sources including (are you ready?) guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, rhodes, synths, drum kit, drum machine, percussion, melodica, glockenspiel, harmonica, vocals, loop-station, tape loops, computer programming & field recordings, Benjamin creates an organic sound that will please even the most reluctant ear. To listen and download a total of eight songs, visit both The Gloaming Myspace page as well as The Gloaming Secondary Myspace. All of the tracks are equally impressive and the audio quality is surprisingly good where myspace downloads are concerned. We highly recommend a complete listen to the following.

MP3: Night School
MP3: Goldbricking
MP3: The Lost Glove

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life After SUGAR: Tribute CD

It's time to kick things up a notch in presenting you with a true rarity. For those who are even semi-fanatical about the various musical endeavors of Bob Mould, today's feature might be just the thing to brighten your day. After Husker Du disbanded in 1988 and with a pair of epic solo releases under his belt, Bob Mould (guitar, vocals) started the band Sugar in 1991-92 with musicians David Barbe (bass, vocals) and Malcolm Travis (drums). Although there were only a handful of releases during the short life span of the band, plenty of people continue to regard the music as some of Bob's finest work. Now let's get to business. I received a package from Moscow, Russia the other day and had no idea what it was. I quickly realized that the curator of a certain (highly active) Sugar Myspace Fanpage, known to me as "D", had completed an amazing project. It's no small feat to organize 17 bands from around the world in order to present a tribute CD for a band this worthy of celebration. We are more than highly impressed and are fortunate to have received a copy. Before I forget, there is also Life After Sugar Myspace page dedicated to the actual CD and the bands that participated. Life After Sugar: Tribute was created simply because our friend D loves the music and this is evidenced by the fact that there were only 100 copies produced and they are not for sale. Now let's meet a few of the outsanding bands that made this happen... shall we?

Atomic Garden

Location: Clermont-Ferrand, France
MP3: Atomic Garden - Gift


Location: Izegem, Belgium
MP3: Murdock - Changes

Stewart Pack vs. Shayne Ivy

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee USA
Stewart Pack Myspace:
Shayne Myspace:
MP3: Stewart Pack vs. Shayne Ivy - Granny Cool

Four Star Alarm

Location: Chicago, Illinois USA
MP3: Four Star Alarm - Tilted

Friday, November 09, 2007

MML receives Nielsen/ Best Music Blog Nomination!!

I arrived home from work yesterday to discover some very exciting news. It seems that the folks at Hey! Nielsen and have paid a visit to our little music world and found it worthy of nomination for their 1st annual Best Music Blog Contest!! If you visit the contest page at the H!N Website, you will find plenty of more recognizable music blogs than our own that are run by some of the people who were an original influence when we started this whole thing. Anyway, this should be interesting and I hope those of you who visit us on a regular basis will show up to vote for The Milk. We will definitely need your help in getting the word out there also! Voting starts this Monday, November 12th and will run through December 12th.

More information and details to come soon... Go Milk!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Panda Riot

The Philadelphia based shoegaze/"swirl-pop" duo of Brian Cook and Rebecca Scott along with their trusty drum machine have finally released the long awaited full length album She Dares All Things. It was made available a couple of days ago on both iTunes and Amazon for electronic download but, if you are anything like us, there is nothing better than having a proper CD to hold in your hand. To purchase a hard copy, you only need visit the Panda Riot website. While there, you will also find more tracks to download including Rebecca performing an outstanding cover of The Magnetic Fields' classic Book of Love. Our first Panda Riot feature happened last year [November 2006 review + demo download] while the band was still completing and reworking content for the new album. After having listened to more of the music from She Dares All Things, it becomes clear that a certain amount of revision will need to take place prior to presenting our year end highlight feature. The new album gets high recommendations all the way around. Big big thanks to Brian for sending the finished versions of following tracks.

MP3: Like Flowers At Night
MP3: She Dares All Things

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

MML News: Big Dipper Back For 2008!

Oh yes, it is true... and some of the best news we've received in quite a while. If you were a fan of mid to late 1980s guitar-pop rockers Big Dipper, this news will send a more than adequate number of chills up the old spine. In a recent interview with Gary Waleik for Rock Town Hall, it was explained that he, along with Bill Goffrier, Steve Michener and Jeff Oliphant, will once again take the stage for a handful of live performance dates at some point in late April 2008. As if that were not enough, there will also be a 3 disk CD set released on which you will find plenty of tracks from the band's first three records (almost impossible to get your hands on these days) along with a number of other true rarities. It will also include a twelve page booklet that will hopefully serve to highlight some of the history surrounding Big Dipper. We originally featured this band over a year ago [September 2006 endless ramble + download] as an MML indie classic and have since wondered if the reunion could ever actually happen. After jumping around on chairs pouring beer over each other's heads (not really... the beer, I mean), we settled down enough to realize that some serious plotting and scheming will need to be done in order to make it to one of these shows next year. As far as band reunions go, this might be as good as it gets in our little world.

Interview Link: Big Dipper's Gary Waleik Hears the Sirens' Call

There is a Big Dipper MySpace page for you to add as a virtual friend, get updated information and listen to more music from this classic indie rock band. Now would probably be a good time to turn up the volume on your computer speakers just a little. While the following audio and video clips are of low quality, they might just be a good introduction for those who are not so familiar with this band. Both of the tracks featured today belong to the 1987 album titled Heavens. The YouTube video clip that follows is of the song Faith Healer from the same album. I love this band...

MP3: All Going Out Together
MP3: She's Fetching

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wanna Be James?

It's always great to hear from artists we have featured in the past. Sometimes we are contacted as a result of a new single, video or album, however, this time we have a completely different project on our hands. If you are a regular visitor to MML, you might remember the Greek band Wild Honey we mentioned last year [June 2006 review + download]. Lead vocalist/guitarist Annita had one of the sweetest voices we had heard in a while, so it was decided to include Wild Honey in our year end 2006 Relapse also. The latest band, Wanna Be James?, is a complete musical departure as Annita (the owner) teams up with Anthony (the pet) to present a sound that effectively bridges electronic pop and punk-threaded indie rock. This duo/couple from Athens, Greece met and formed in the summer of 2006 and now continue sharing vocal, guitar and programming duties. They enlist the assistance of three additional local musicians for live performances. The forthcoming EP, which will be the sophomore release from Wanna Be James?, is not yet titled but will include the following two tracks. Deep Blue Sea is a finished product while Spin remains a semi-acoustic demo for now. Both songs, finished or not, are fantastic.

MP3: Deep Blue Sea
MP3: Spin (acoustic demo)

The band's self-released debut EP, titled Killing the Wasters, is currently available at local Athens music shops Jinx Records and Vinyl Microstore. You can also pick up a copy if you contact them directly by visiting the Wanna Be James? MySpace page. While there, you can listen to the new material as well as the entire Killing The Wasters EP which they have uploaded onto a flash player. As a bonus, the following is one of the more raucous tracks from the debut.

MP3: Get Close To You

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Make Me

After several days away from our little music fixation, we returned to find some minor (massive) computer problems which required our immediate attention. The bad news? Our magic button machine lost plenty of the music files that were not backed up at the time. The good news is, we are now back to semi-full speed and have a really good band from Northern California to share with you. Make Me is primarily the duo of Zola Goodrich (lefty bass/vocals) and Claire Haynie (keyboards/vocals) from Oakland who have been creating their own brand of noise together since 2004. With the addition of Wes Chase (drums) and Jeremy Sullivan (guitar), they have completed the full band for the purpose of both recording and their active live performance schedule.

The two tracks featured today belong to the band's debut self released album itonlyhurtsthefirsttime which was made available a few months earlier this year. If you visit the Make Me MySpace page there are additional songs from the debut as well as information on the various means by which the album can be purchased. At first listen, Oakland/San Francisco gave a nearly overwhelming sense that a rare outtake from the soundtrack of the 1983 movie Valley Girl had been found... but don't take this as a criticism or quip at all. Some of the music is quite similar to a number of artists who once inhabited Sarah Records' lineup during the late 1980s. The refreshingly simple guitar-pop structure combined with what I can only describe as "darling" vocals and keyboard accent easily lead us to highly recommend this band. Have a listen.

MP3: Oakland/San Francisco
MP3: One More Hour

If you are going to be in the Los Angeles area and would like to check out Make Me performing live, your next chance will be this Saturday, November 3, as the band travels down the coast to take the stage at LA venue Pehrspace [Pehrspace MySpace] along with local act Stop, Revolt and El Olio Wolof from Merced, CA. Should be good.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Southeast Engine

In our attempt to present music from all over the world, we sometimes neglect to feature artists who exist regionally, if not here in our own backyard. I spent the better part of six years (during the early 90's) attending university, working and wandering the streets of a dreamy little Ohio town at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. While inhabiting that fairly special place in time, I quickly realized a local music flavor that extended beyond the usual indie fare commonly found in most college towns. That place I remember so fondly is Athens, Ohio, and today's featured musicians call it home. Southeast Engine is an outstanding six piece, folk based rock outfit currently consisting of members Adam Remnant, Leo DeLuca, Adam Torres, Jesse Remnant, Gaelan Mullins and Michael Lachman. The band is signed to Misra Records who have made available a reissue of the 2005 album Coming To Terms With Gravity as well as the brand new full length October 2007 release A Wheel Within A Wheel. For a listen to both new and older tracks, visit the Southeast Engine Myspace page. This is where it gets good. The next live performance will take place this evening at local Newport, Kentucky venue Southgate House. Tonight's show will also be a record release party for Cincinnati rockabilly band The Flux Capacitors who handed me a solid demo while leaving Southgate House the other night. There is also supposed to be a third band but I'm not sure if it will be local act The Delusionals or Towhee from Dayton, Ohio. Either way, it sounds like good fun so I had better finish my beer and get walking over the river to check it out. Take a listen...

MP3: Coming to Terms With Gravity (2005/2007)

MP3: Quit While You're Ahead (2007)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Muscle Snog

This is the first of a few vacation/mental health days away from the office for me and, coincidentally enough, a perfect opportunity to search for new music. After some morning internet travels, digging around myspace for like-minded music folks, I stumbled upon today's featured artist. From what little information I could find in English, Muscle Snog is a collaboration of six musicians from Shanghai, China who seem to each have their own related music projects. For more information and music, there is of course the Muscle Snog Myspace page where we found them as well as a Muscle Snog Neocha profile and another band page for good measure. If you are a regular visitor to MML, you will appreciate the shoegaze qualities of the following track. The song begins with a full two minutes of that signature "wall of sound" guitar we love. If you are patient, what follows is a sizable rhythmic pounding accompanied by distorted vocals that might have you listening more than a few times. Enjoy.

MP3: Mind Shop Is On Sale

There is also a youtube video of the same song during a live performance at local Shanghai venue 4live that took place earlier this year. Although the footage is a bit shaky, this video might give you a better idea of how good and noisy the band can be.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

MML: Music Updates & News

Bob Mould: District Line / Circle of Friends

First, the big news... A new full length solo release from former Husker Du / Sugar front man and guitarist Bob Mould is set to be titled District Line. It will be released through Anti- on February 5th and promises an ending track that was originally cut from Bob's debut 1989 solo release Workbook. For the most updated information you can get your hands on, visit the Bob Mould Blog. There is also a Bob Mould Myspace page as well as an "Ask Bob" article that runs locally for Washington CityPaper. Check this out, the track listing for District Line... We are very excited!

01 Stupid Now
02 Who Needs to Dream
03 Again and Again
04 Old Highs, New Lows
05 Return to Dust
06 The Silence Between Us
07 Shelter Me
08 Very Temporary
09 Miniature Parade
10 Walls in Time

Also, results are in where the new Circle Of Friends DVD is concerned and they are not so good. Of course I am joking. The sound quality is excellent and the behind the scenes stuff is all very cool. A good quality preview can be found at Trixie and there is also a Youtube version of the same song (A Good Idea) which we have posted below. Bob continues to be a big favorite after all of these years.

The Black Watch: New Previews on Myspace

Our original discovery of Los Angeles, California based artist John Andrew Fredrick and his long time music project The Black Watch were originally featured in the earliest part of this year [January 19 review + download.] Since that post, the band lineup remains the same for a yet-to-be-titled, full length, 13th release. You can listen to three of the new tracks on The Black Watch Myspace page and find an extensive biography/discography on The Black Watch Website. The track we are featuring today, Tatterdemalion, belongs to the most recent 2006 release of the same name. Enjoy this one.

MP3: Tatterdemalion

The Sky Drops: Hang On Video

After releasing our favorite EP in recent memory with Clouds Of People, The Sky Drops now have a video for the track Hang On that can be viewed below. We first featured this Wilmington, Delaware duo over a year and a half ago [May 2006 review + download] with a follow up earlier this year [April 2007 review + download]. The band is currently in the middle of a limited tour that will bring them within walking distance of our front door on November 16th when they take the stage at legendary Newport, Kentucky venue The Southgate House. Also performing that night will be another previously featured artist Lab Partners and we will probably be hanging out with this guy for a beer or maybe several? See you there! (it is required you know)

MP3: Hang On

Clara Clara: December Release "AA"

We don't make a habit of posting instrumental noise rock here on MML but this is really good. If you remember our feature on François Virot late last year [December 2006 review + download] it will make perfect sense that a side project of this Lyon, France based artist is completely raw and without polish. The new full length 11 track (45 min) submission, simply titled "AA", will be released through SK Records at some point mid December. I've had a chance to listen to the entire thing and it is all very good. Check out the Clara Clara Myspace page to hear more new music and the Clara Clara Website to do the same. Expect a full review of this band in the near future.

MP3: Nous les +

Sarandon: New Slumberland Single

When listening to a new EP that brings to mind the late 80's offerings of Bucky Pope & Company, it's difficult not to appreciate the trash-funk underpinnings that are present. To be honest, I am completely unfamiliar with this band but will tell what little I have found. Sarandon is primarily the music project of an artist named Crayola that was formed around 2003 in South London, UK. There have been some recent lineup changes which have resulted in a title for the new 3 track single Joe's Record. Like my wife, ex-bassist Joe seems to have given up the comforts of the UK in exchange for our wonderful currency and high fructose corn syrup. All quips aside, this is an excellent single that is now available on the band's new label Slumberland Records (SlumberSpace) There is also a Sarandon Myspace page for you to visit and listen to more music.

MP3: The Linguist

Have a good weekend,

Monday, October 15, 2007

Henry Morgans Solokarriär

Our recent shortage of updates might seem like a lackadaisical turn of events, but there will be a return to normalcy once a few music-related side projects are complete. For now, we have quite the mountain of catching up to do. I received a message a week or so ago from an artist we had previously featured earlier this year [February 5 review + download] with a follow up a couple of months later [April 17 review + download]. The message was regarding a new limited release EP (30 copies) that would be sent to us. After just noticing that these new tracks have since been made available online, we decided not to wait for the arrival of the hard copy. Most people who visit this blog come for very specific music. If you enjoy the Swedish portion of our content, you will be extremely satisfied with the music showcase today. Henry Morgans Solokarriär is the one man music project of Christoffer Davidsson from Uppsala, Sweden. After only a year and one month of recording as a solo entity, the result of Christoffers's new efforts really should be heard. Take a first listen.

MP3: The Good Ones

The new release, titled Memories EP, was recorded and produced by Christoffer during the past few months in true DIY/bedroom fashion. If you stop by the Henry Morgans Solokarriär website, the entire EP is available there as a free zip file download. Free or otherwise, these are four tracks you will want to pay attention to. The new material can also be heard, and compulsory friend invite sent, while visiting the Henry Morgans Solokarriär MySpace page. Besides his own music project, you can also find Christoffer taking on remix duties for Skipping Stones Records artist Celestial. It's all good stuff. The following is a second listen from the new EP... enjoy!

MP3: Red Eyes

PS: Another good link for more related music.... c/o Happiness

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Starring Me

The temperature dropped substantially today and Fall is now officially in full effect. It's that time once again to revisit the coats and sweaters that have kept me insulated for years. With music, it will be much the same here on MML, and today's featured artist makes for a wonderfully warm segue into the brisk close of another year. Starring Me is the low key, indie rock trio of Tara Golden (vocals), Reed Clendenen (music/vocals) and John Hashtak (music/vocals) from Jacksonville, Florida. If my calculations are correct, the band has been in existence since 2002 with a self titled, full length debut in 2003 and a later album titled Perfect In The Night that was made available in 2005. The featured track today will be a part of a yet-to-be-named upcoming long player you can expect to be released somewhere close to the '11th hour' of this year or, at latest, the beginning of 2008. For now, there is more information, another equally good new track and some earlier music available on the Starring Me MySpace page for download. From there, you can visit the Starring Me website where you will be able to listen to full versions of the band's previous material from Perfect In The Night. The CD is available for purchase there. Starring Me will kick off a handful of live performance dates commencing November 3rd at local Jacksonville venue Jack Rabbits. This band is a truly independent DIY project that should not be overlooked. Very nice.

MP3: Goodbye

**Bonus** From the 2005 release "Perfect In The Night":

MP3: Waves

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Punch And Judy

Sunday might otherwise seem like a proper day to rest on our laurels and post something relatively quiet but, after only a few listens to new material from a previously featured artist, it was decided to kick in your doors (ears) with some outstanding indie rock. We originally posted about this band almost exactly one year ago [October 2006 review + download], and have since mentioned them in our most recent Swedish music roundup. Punch And Judy are a five piece rock outfit from Göteborg, Sweden consisting of Olof Astrom (vocals), Bjorn Vestlund (guitar), Daniel Straneus (guitar/noise), Edvin Thorbjornsson (bass) and Jonas Abrahamsson (drums). Both of today's featured songs belong to an upcoming EP, tentatively set to be titled Voyeur, that will be self-released just before or shortly after the new year. The first track, Kids on Meth, opens with what seems to be a lo-fi practice session but, after less than 20 seconds, it quickly explodes into the controlled riot we were hoping for. While taking no time to settle, diving into the second track A Punch-Up, it was amazing to notice that Punch And Judy remain unsigned. After that second song, something clicked far back in the dark reaches of my twisted little brain. I can completely see this band as the new indie rock darlings of a label like... ohhh, let's say PBR?? Is it just me, or could they easily fit into that lineup? For now, you will need to visit the Punch And Judy Myspace page for more new music and to add on as a friend. The next live performance will take place 13 October at local Göteborg venue Kontiki Slottsskogen. We highly recommend you take a listen to Olof's off-kilter vocals and the raucous accompaniment that completes...the punch.

MP3: Kids on Meth

MP3: A Punch-Up

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Floor Is Made Of Lava

Just over a year ago, I was dating a British girl and was slightly depressed about our frequent goodbye-visits to the airport. After one of those visits, my spirits were raised substantially when I found a Danish band that offered a track titled "Do Your Sister" (romantic, I know) and promptly posted it here [July 2006 review + sister download]. A quick email check yesterday morning and some great news appeared from the raucousness that continues to be this band. The Floor is Made Of Lava is an energetic indie rock trio from Copenhagen, Denmark who have a debut, full length release ready for distribution on October 15, 2007 through DK based label Tabu Records (Tabu MySpace). All Juice No Fruit is the title of the new release and, after listening to all of the tracks, it seems that a seriously solid rock record exists beyond the humorous subject matter we were originally smitten with. To participate in the mayhem and listen to more new music, we highly recommend a visit to The Floor Is Made Of Lava MySpace page. The band also inhabits a more recent addition with their TFIMOL website as well as a spirited TFIMOL blog. In support of All Juice No Fruit, there will be a string of regional live performance dates beginning October 10 at Malmo, Sweden venue Debaser. Consider the new CD a sound purchase and the perfect excuse to do someone's sister.

MP3: IKEA Did A Job On You
MP3: Do Your Sister

Side note: I married that British girl and dragged her from one evil empire to another... No more airports. :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


When making our rounds looking for new artists on various online music resources, a find like today's featured track has us considering the possibility of posting music on an hourly basis, abandoning of our current sporadic pace... if only this were our day job. For now, we bring you a New York/Los Angeles (uncertain of the specific domicile but I'll guess NY) boy/girl duo who are creating an addictive brand of fuzzed-out electro pop, raising the attention of multiple media sources in the process. At first listen, Tom Tom Club came to mind, however hopped up on steroids or remixed, but after repeated exposure without being able to contain the "dance thing" or take our collective seat, the addiction was sealed. HeartsRevolution definitely has an unusual take on promotion as they enlist a DIY refurbished ice cream truck, known as HeartsChallenger, to serve as a kitsch store, transportation and record label HQ all in one go. The song presently featured, C.Y.O.A. or Choose Your Own Adventure is part of a split single with wildly popular Crystal Castles in both glow-in-the-dark and heart shaped vinyl if you visit the HeartsChallenger Store. There are also a couple of amusing shirts you can (and I might) buy there... neon green suits me don't you think?

Foxes and Bunnies... Fire and Snow... We're all just lost, don't know which way to go... Oh yes, this is quite fucking good.

MP3: C.Y.O.A

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trembling Blue Stars

So I've been in bed with a cold for most of the past week and haven't really thought much about posting music. Recently, a few strong recommendations for today's artist were thrown my way so I mustered up the energy to pay attention for a few moments. Glad I did. Judging by the number of previous releases and myspace page views, I can probably guess it a safe bet that some of you have heard or are at least aware of this band. In case you are not familiar, Trembling Blue Stars are an experimental indie pop outfit from Brighton, UK consisting of founder Bobby Wratten (guitar, vocals), Keris Howard (bass), Beth Arzy (vocals) and Jonathan Akerman (drums, percussion). This music project, and subsequent band, began as the solo undertaking of Wratten in 1995. For those who remember the few good artists who ended up inhabiting the Sarah Records lineup during the late 1980's, Bobby Wratten's previous incarnation with The Field Mice might ring a few bells. In 1996 Trembling Blue Stars began releasing albums through UK based LTM Recordings (LTM Myspace) and have continued more recently as a part of Spanish label Elefant Records (Elefant Myspace). The latest full length offering titled The Last Holy Writer was made available earlier this year and is receiving plenty of critical praise. This track is beautiful...have a listen.

MP3: Say Goodbye To The Sea

As if the xylophone and warmly expressive cello line in that song were not enough, there is another track titled November Starlings from the latest release in the form of a Youtube video featured below. Also be sure to visit the Trembling Blue Stars Myspace page for more information and music. Enjoy.