Monday, February 05, 2007

Henry Morgans Solokarriär

The temperature dropped dramatically here in Ohio over the weekend and It finally feels like winter... maybe a little too much so. Luckily, the song featured today is warm enough to thaw your bones and leave you looking for more of this extremely catchy Swedish pop music. There really isn't much information I could find for this artist, but I will give you what I could gather. It's always interesting to discover the inspiration behind the music. Sometimes it is as simple as a student on his way home from class to make his girlfriend a mixed disc, suddenly deciding to record his very own music that same day. That student, Christoffer, currently resides in the University town of Uppsala, Sweden and is also the only artist behind this DIY home recorded music project. Henry Morgans Solokarriär was born when Christoffer recorded the first song mid-September of last year. Since then, he has recorded 3 more tracks, including a cover of the Bright Eyes song "An Attempt To Tip The Scales", for a late 2006 demo. Unfortunately, there were only 20 copies of the demo that were made available, but there is good news. You can download these songs for free if you visit the brand new Henry Morgans Solokarriär website. Also, make sure to stop by the Henry Morgans Solokarriär MySpace page to add as a friend and get updates from his blog section. This is an excellent pop song... definitely go listen to the rest.

MP3: One Day, Any Day

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