Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why Write?

Now that an extended food-related holiday weekend is in the books, we finally have the chance to dive back into our neglected little music blog for what will hopefully be a busy week. In starting things off, our attention is now directed towards solo folk artist Jacob Faurholt from Århus, Denmark and his latest music project Why Write? As a follow up to three full length albums, including his most recent entry titled Are You In The Mood For Love?, Jacob and friends have recorded five new songs for an aptly titled debut release 5 Song EP. With mixing/mastering assistance from extraordinary American producer Kramer, as well as Montreal, Quebec label What A Mess! Records (WAM! MySpace), the new songs were made available just over a week ago on November 18. For those who've decided to listen while reading, the featured track Burning Holes is threaded heavily with simple mid-80s indie rock goodness that could have easily been released by one our favourite labels back in the day. If that were not enough of a recommendation for further listening, pay attention to the droning backdrop that eventually sends this song into a spiraling treat for even casual fans of modern day psychedelia. Here you go...

MP3 Burning Holes

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kite in the Air: Magic Marker EP

After listening to an extraodinarily good new single from San Francisco, California-based music project Kite In the Air for the better part of this past week, we received late word last evening that their sophomore EP, titled Magic Marker, was actually just released... within the past 24 hours! Our original feature of their debut, self-titled EP happened a few short months ago when the weather was warming in April 2009. Now that leaves are falling and local temperatures have also taken a steep dive, we find ourselves with a more settled, ambient sound that loses no energy at all in what we consider an overwhelmingly effective next step for this troupe of artists. With a lightly experimental, yet perfectly danceable, backdrop once again produced by Mark Reveley and Mike Genius of WZRDZ, the beautiful vocals of Emma Lucia (Jed & Lucia) we first discovered in August 2006 have not shed an ounce of versatility or loftiness. Be it folk, electronic pop or almost any other genre classification we can imagine, Ms. Lucia's voice could well enough be at home in any setting and is always a warm experience for our collective ear. Additional music and information can be found on the Kite In The Air MySpace page... a song from the new Magic Marker EP for you:

MP3: Stretch It On

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot Lava & The Sad Cobras: New Split 7"

Revisiting an artist we've featured in the past is always a treat, so it only stands to reason that our collective attention span might grow exponentially when two previously-mentioned bands are involved in a combined new release. We originally featured Richmond, Virginia based Hot Lava in January 2008 with a quick follow-up for their debut album Lavalogy in March 2008. Since that time, they've signed to Bar/None Records and continue to gain plenty of well-deserved attention around the planet. The Sad Cobras are an equally impressive music project from Roanoke, Virginia we also reviewed around the same time in May 2008. Together, these two bands now have self-released a 7" split single with a total of six brief songs to share that all seem to playfully embrace the quirk/fun-factor noted by various media entities. At the same time, both bands provide their own serious introduction to regional Virginia music scenes which require immediate attention, by our estimation. The release party was held this past Friday night 11/13 at local Richmond venue Plaza Bowl as Hot Lava opened for Shonen Knife. Have a listen to a track from each side of the split single and be sure to explore the links above for additional music. We definitely need to grab a physical copy of this one...

MP3: Hot Lava - The Auctioneer
MP3: The Sad Cobras: Team Mother

Monday, November 09, 2009

Free Electric State

Of all the various "most-livable" or noteworthy areas of this country to the south of our little Queen City, only one sparks our interest enough to consider an extended visit (relocation) for its music scene alone and today's featured artist is a lovely new ingredient in the mixture we've only just discovered down in the Triangle. Free Electric State is a shoegaze-influenced quartet consisting of musicians Shirlé Hale (vocals, bass), David Koslowski (guitar, vocals), Nick Williams (guitar, vocals) and Tony Stiglitz (drums) who are based in Durham, North Carolina. The band is currently recording a debut full-length album titled Caress, which will be released through local label Churchkey Records in April 2010, and they were kind enough to send a demo track for our previewing pleasure. If the song Hawks, finished or not, is any indication of what can be expected from the balance of music contained within this upcoming LP, consider us new fans and look for a full review of Caress early on next year. Listen up.

MP3: Hawks (demo)

**Note: Since we weren't exactly clever enough to figure out what Sessions at Studio B was all about, a jump ahead to the following live performance date is in order as Free Electric State takes the stage at Raleigh venue Slim's Downtown Distillery on December 4. Local folks now have plenty of time to adjust their schedules for the event. For additional information and music, pay a visit to the FES MySpace page as well as the FES ReverbNation profile. It's all very much worth a bit of your time.**

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MML Update: Herr Nilsson

Herr Nilsson is a Bergen, Norway-based musical troupe who easily won our ears with their most recent pair of EP releases in Today Is My Birthday which was happily featured here in October 2008 and No Man Is Iceland as a follow up in December 2008. Almost exactly one year later, we have some wonderful news and an excellent new song to share. Long Live Herr Nilsson, the band's third full length album since 2005, was just completed and is set for a release date that will soon be disclosed. We are fortunate enough to have received the first single belonging to this new album and can only hope the balance of music is even half this good. From warm and simple beginnings that build into an understated festival of brass accompaniment, Traffic Jams easily allows our blushing little love-fest with this band to continue. Have a listen... please.

MP3: Traffic Jams

Additional music can be found on the Herr Nilsson MySpace page and vocalist/guitarist Terje from the band was nice enough to remind us of the Herr Nilsson blog where more information exists for the the upcoming album. If that were not enough, we also have a YouTube video for Traffic Jams. Enjoy!