Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why Write?

Now that an extended food-related holiday weekend is in the books, we finally have the chance to dive back into our neglected little music blog for what will hopefully be a busy week. In starting things off, our attention is now directed towards solo folk artist Jacob Faurholt from Århus, Denmark and his latest music project Why Write? As a follow up to three full length albums, including his most recent entry titled Are You In The Mood For Love?, Jacob and friends have recorded five new songs for an aptly titled debut release 5 Song EP. With mixing/mastering assistance from extraordinary American producer Kramer, as well as Montreal, Quebec label What A Mess! Records (WAM! MySpace), the new songs were made available just over a week ago on November 18. For those who've decided to listen while reading, the featured track Burning Holes is threaded heavily with simple mid-80s indie rock goodness that could have easily been released by one our favourite labels back in the day. If that were not enough of a recommendation for further listening, pay attention to the droning backdrop that eventually sends this song into a spiraling treat for even casual fans of modern day psychedelia. Here you go...

MP3 Burning Holes

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