Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thick Shakes: Ooh Mommy EP

If the format of the above picture looks vaguely familiar to those around our age, it's probably the result of it being an insert cover for a cassette tape case. Today's featured artist has a debut EP that was recently made available on cassette, so practice up on your sellotape/nail polish repair skills if picking up a copy to wear out in the dash. Thick Shakes is a retro garage-rock trio consisting of musicians Lindsay Crudele (bass, vocals), Timothy Scholl (guitars, vocals) and Matt Mafera (drums, vocals) from Boston, Massachusetts. With the assistance of Jerry MacDonald (recording, farfisa) the band now has a debut release, titled Ooh Mommy EP, through Austin, Texas net-label Snugglehound Records that deserves nothing less than a serious listen. When using the term "lo-fi", we are usually describing a contributing instrument or specific instance but, with the collection of songs belonging to Ooh Mommy, we found a sound that is genuine to microphones on a cold basement floor, recording fuzzed-out guitars to shake old rafters. Listen for yourself...

MP3: (Baby) I'm A Starfish

Photo: Mango Nebula

The next live performance will take place at local Somerville venue PA's Lounge on May 14 and additional listening can happen by visiting the Thick Shakes MySpace page. As if the preview we've provided was not enough, the EP also includes a cover song of The Magnetic Fields track Underwear. Not sure if this is what Stephin Merritt had in mind, but it certainly is a chaotic compliment to one of our favourite songs from the 69 Love Songs CD set. Enjoy.

MP3: Underwear (The Magnetic Fields)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Green Grocer

As mentioned in previous posts, 2010 is turning out to be a year in which quality EP releases seem to flow into our email inbox and this afternoon we have yet another impressive one to share. Green Grocer is the Chicago, Illinois trio of Michael Hurder (vocals, synths, loops, bass), Elliott Conley (guitar, fuzz) and Max Horwich (percussion, loops) who have a new collection of five songs that were released as a self-titled EP earlier this month. The sound is decidedly synth-pop, caressed warmly with an understated accompaniment of distant guitars providing a rich backdrop for what we consider to be the overwhelming allure of this music project. Vocals of frontman Michael Hurder are explained as "barks, growls, croons and screams" but our interest was quickly drawn away from the press release as we began listening to his voice. An instant comparison to Grant Hart developed to the point of us having to double-check band photos to be sure this wasn't a covert resurrection of Nova Mob. Hints of Ian McCulloch's vocal stylings seem to be an influence as well. Have a listen to this preview from the new EP...

MP3: Haunted

Most definitely a darker shade of pretty where late 80s-centered psychedelia is concerned. The band is currently putting together their itinerary for an extensive summer tour. Live dates and additional information can be found by visiting the Green Grocer MySpace page. To find, listen to and purchase the entire new EP, check out the Green Grocer Bandcamp page. There is also a video for the above featured track Haunted. Here ya go... !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bliss City East / Vidulgi OoyoO: Split Album Release

It's not altogether uncommon for us to revisit artists mentioned here for new music, so when we learned of a long-awaited release involving two previously featured bands from completely different parts of the world, our excitement grew exponentially. In the works for well over a year, the brand new split album from Seoul, South Korea-based outfit Vidulgi OoyoO and spin-off evolution Bliss City East of Chicago, Illinois is now as real as it gets. The album was released earlier this month through our favourite Korean label Electric Muse and will be made available for the rest of the planet on June 21 by way of Chicago's Fake Label Recordings. Although each band approaches their distinct sound from a unique direction, similarities most certainly exist in swirling guitars and beautiful female vocals that find us drawn to this collection of songs like a pair of moths to a single porch light.

Enjoy the following preview tracks from this new album (currently available for purchase on Also be sure to visit the links for listening, additional information and to support both of these bands. Brilliant music all around that might have those familiar with the time-honoured sound of psychedelic rock and shoegaze melting gleefully into their seats. Let's get started...

Vidulgi OoyoO

MP3: Mermaid Queen

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Bliss City East

MP3: Stop Clock

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Electric State: Caress LP

We've been savoring a preview from today's featured artist for quite some time now and finally have the chance to give a heads-up for their quickly approaching new release that is very much worth the listening experience. Originally mentioned here in November 2009, Durham, North Carolina-based four piece Free Electric State have recently completed a full-length debut LP, titled Caress, which will be made available on April 20 through local label Churchkey Records. With only a week to wait for the new sounds, musicians Shirlé Hale (vocals, bass), David Koslowski (guitar, vocals), Nick Williams (guitar, vocals) and Tony Stiglitz (drums) will be kicking off a string of live performance dates with an early CD release party at Durham venue The Pinhook on April 16. For those not familiar with Free Electric State, be prepared for an impressive balance of driving guitars that provide hints of a sound pre-dating shoegaze, guided by beautifully strong female vocals we can easily imagine stopping a cargo truck. Sound ridiculous? Have a listen to Six Is One from the brand new album Caress.

MP3: Six Is One

As if the preview track alone was not enough to rattle the senses, there is also a new video for Six Is One to share. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Love You Airlines

I Love You Airlines is a New York City music project we originally featured in April 2008, with primary contributors Edi Kearns and Paul Rechsteiner piquing our interest in an EP titled A New High. Not much in the way of updates over the past couple of years until we received a much-welcomed heads up for their brand new single Horizon/Landing the other day. With the enlistment of NYC electronic(a) guru Gregory Shiff and a drummer simply known to us as Dave, the band has a breath of fresh energy to revive a pair of older songs that have been collecting dust up until now. After listening, be prepared for a sudden urge to visit the ILYA website as well as the ILYA Bandcamp for downloading this single, but also be forewarned... this is driving pop that culminates in a listening experience we can only liken to being gently inhaled by a jet engine. Lovely.

MP3: To The Horizon, Baby