Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thick Shakes: Ooh Mommy EP

If the format of the above picture looks vaguely familiar to those around our age, it's probably the result of it being an insert cover for a cassette tape case. Today's featured artist has a debut EP that was recently made available on cassette, so practice up on your sellotape/nail polish repair skills if picking up a copy to wear out in the dash. Thick Shakes is a retro garage-rock trio consisting of musicians Lindsay Crudele (bass, vocals), Timothy Scholl (guitars, vocals) and Matt Mafera (drums, vocals) from Boston, Massachusetts. With the assistance of Jerry MacDonald (recording, farfisa) the band now has a debut release, titled Ooh Mommy EP, through Austin, Texas net-label Snugglehound Records that deserves nothing less than a serious listen. When using the term "lo-fi", we are usually describing a contributing instrument or specific instance but, with the collection of songs belonging to Ooh Mommy, we found a sound that is genuine to microphones on a cold basement floor, recording fuzzed-out guitars to shake old rafters. Listen for yourself...

MP3: (Baby) I'm A Starfish

Photo: Mango Nebula

The next live performance will take place at local Somerville venue PA's Lounge on May 14 and additional listening can happen by visiting the Thick Shakes MySpace page. As if the preview we've provided was not enough, the EP also includes a cover song of The Magnetic Fields track Underwear. Not sure if this is what Stephin Merritt had in mind, but it certainly is a chaotic compliment to one of our favourite songs from the 69 Love Songs CD set. Enjoy.

MP3: Underwear (The Magnetic Fields)

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