Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fangs Out

It's been quite some time since we've had the chance to visit the goings-on at Washington D.C. label Etxe Records, so when a new CD arrived in our mailbox the other day and we discovered the musicians involved reside here in Ohio, a sit down for listening was well in order. Fangs Out is the duo of Mark Peterson and Samantha Wandtke from Toledo, Ohio who formed in 2008 after having performed in various regional bands together for a number of years. The result of this ongoing collaboration and most recent music project is an impressive full-length debut album, titled Speech Shadowing, which was only just released yesterday through Etxe.

In experiencing this collection of 10 new songs for a first spin, initial thoughts lead us deep into fits attempting to conjure up some of the more ridiculous genre assignments now existing for music of the early 1980s, While there is certainly a hint of Siouxsie Sioux influence existing within the beautifully dark range of Ms. Wandtke's vocals, raw instrumentation and lo(wer)-fi recording accentuate each track, giving contemporary relevance that deserves more than a second listen. One of our favourite songs from the new album Speech Shadowing...

MP3: Omerta

The next live performance will take place tomorrow night, July 1, at southwest Chicago establishment Honky Tonk BBQ and the album release party will be held back home in Toledo on July 10 as Fangs Out take to the stage at local venue Woodchucks.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Starry Saints

Our seasonal blog slowdown manages to happen here at MML like clockwork every year as spring turns into summer. New music sits neglected in both our email and post office boxes collecting dust as we stare vacantly into the evening sky at lightning bugs. Time for some catching up today as we bring you an altogether dreamy sample of song from a music project we've been holding back for far too many moons. Starry Saints is primarily the collaboration of Portland, Oregon artists Allen Davis (vocals, guitar) and Clint Sargent (guitars, backing vocals) who we originally featured four years ago, in June 2006, as part of the band The High Violets. Since that first ancient mention, which was followed by a June 2007 live performance/photo-fest here in Cincinnati, these two founding members of Starry Saints have enlisted the assistance of local musicians Ron Thomas (bass) and Jason Wann (keyboard, percussion) to complete a full band lineup. The resulting sound enjoys a combination of early 90s post-shoegaze influence and earlier lo-fi garage hints, while flirtatiously batting an eye at more radio-friendly horizons. As for news updates, the band is currently recording a full-length follow up to their self-titled debut EP and will be performing live next Wednesday night, June 30, at local Portland venue Mississippi Studios. Give this concluding song from the EP a chance to develop... lovely.

MP3: The Long Fade

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Army: Dora EP

During late September into early October of last year, we spent a few weeks featuring the music of seven different bands from wonderful Korean label Electric Muse. Having finished our multi-post marathon with no idea if there would be future correspondence, it was a recent delight to find a new email message with label news and a brand new release we can now share. Army is the Seoul, South Korea-based trio of Sejung Heo (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Seungwon Shin (bass, chorus) and Joohyun Yoon (drums, percussion, chorus) who have a debut collection of four songs titled Dora EP.

While the influences involved are decidedly western blues-rock, a classic genre we would usually cross any busy motorway to avoid, all songs included on Dora EP are massively catchy and deserve the same listening attention that left us slapping hands on thighs repeatedly. Army is an impressive addition to the Electric Muse lineup and the new EP will be celebrated with a live performance on Friday, June 18 at local Hongdae venue Club FF. Have fun chanting along with the lead track... nice one!

MP3: Wild Horse

Please visit the following links for past Electric Muse releases featured here at MML during 2009. Enjoy.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Soda Fountain Rag: Reel Around Me

As difficult as it is for us to believe, well over two and a half years have passed since our first mention of the musician we have for listening today. Originally featured here in September 2007, then again in February 2008, Bergen, Norway multi-instrumentalist Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl now has an upcoming full-length release with her tenured music project Soda Fountain Rag. The new collection of nine songs, recorded in Brescia, Italy, is titled Reel Around Me and will be made available on 10" vinyl through lovely Irish label Yesboyicecream Records (Yesboy Myspace). While patiently waiting for a hard copy of the vinyl to make its way overseas to our doorstep, a digital version of this latest offering arrived in our email inbox and all expectations were surpassed after having the chance to preview the music. Building on a simple formula of sweet, clever pop songs that draw on daily travels and observations, Soda Fountain Rag now seems to have acquired a beautifully enhanced range of moods to compliment a more commanding vocal presence. Our very first favourite pop album for the summer of 2010.

MP3: Are Philosophers Lonely?

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Shoegaze. With that one word right out in front, some of our frequent visitors might feel the need to jump ahead straight away for listening. Just know that, once the featured song begins, there are exactly 2:06 minutes of an extended ambient introduction, which leaves plenty of time to settle in for an epic little ride. Echodrone is a San Francisco, California-based music project that originally took shape in 2005 with a call to musical arms through online classifieds. After a couple of lineup changes and a self-titled 2007 EP along the way, current members Eugene Suh (guitar, vocals), Meredith Gibbons (guitar, vocals), Brandon Dudley (bass) and Mark Tarlton (drums) now have an impressive 2010 full-length release to share.

The Sun Rose In A Different Place is the title of this new album we received in the P.O. box and have been listening to for the better part of a week now. The sound delivered embraces classic influences that seem to fall within a two year window of 1990 where the footwear fixation genre we hold so dearly is concerned. Distressed and layered enough to please the purists, while polished in a way that could easily invite new ears, Echodrone lends a sparkly new coat of varnish and their own unique spin to this distinctive style of music. Gravity is one of nine tracks that make up The Sun Rose In A Different Place and we can't suggest it enough. Have a listen...

MP3: Gravity