Sunday, September 27, 2009

Orgeltanz: From The Cradle To The Grave

Another lazy Sunday is well underway and we have quite the departure from our usual content to share as a conclusion to the weekend. After spending the past few days taking in this particular celebration of international music, we can easily recommend today's featured artist and their most recent release. Before we get started, a brief excerpt from the press release and a song that deserves your immediate attention.

"Orgeltanz suggests their musical style by the name: orgel, the music box that plays music through a mechanical spring and tanz, meaning “dance” in German. The strain of a song that you hear on the street, and the swinging footsteps in line with the rhythm; when you take a break from the repetitive life and put a smile on your face, Orgeltanz’s music approaches, frolicking."

MP3: A Way To Get Free Champagne

Orgeltanz is the folk-minded five piece troupe of mostly acoustic musicians Marca Marco (accordion, vocals), MiOng (guitar), Angel (violin), Kkangile (percussion, vocals), Shoonguli (guitars, more) and DongWoo (contrabass, electric bass) who are based in Seoul, South Korea. Since their beginnings in 2005, the band has enlisted the visual accompaniment of belly dancer Eshe and have completed a full-length debut album, titled From The Cradle To The Grave, which was released through the Electric Muse label in 2008. The resulting listen to this collection of songs is a refreshing escape from the limitation in influence and sound we usually associate with the patronizing term "world music". The variation of moods and truly global representation of instrumentation we experienced within From The Cradle To The Grave could easily be at home in a busking environment on any street, in any city around the planet, while also providing the perfect soundtrack for daily listening from computer speakers at home. For additional information and music, visit the Orgeltanz MySpace page as well as the Electric Muse Last FM profile. Another lovely song from the debut album. Enjoy!

MP3: Sokdak Sokdak


Anonymous said...

Ever since helikoppter posted the mp3 for "A way to get free champagne" I have been listening to it everyday and have looked into this band a bit more.
I love their 'collabs' with Eshe, and enjoy all their music.
Thank you for posting about them!
I look forward to hearing more from them!

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