Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starry Eyed: Sweet Night

As a continuation of our little love-fest with Korean label Electric Muse, we once again reach back into their archives for music that was released in 2008. As a follow up to the debut album Lo-Fi Dancing Star in 2005, Seoul-based trio Starry-Eyed completed their sophomore offering, titled Sweet Night, just this past year. The listening experience contained within these twelve tracks is not one of a predictable or even consistent nature by any measure. Instead, Starry-Eyed toys playfully with an endless supply of classic indie rock influences which seem to fall within a three year radius of 1992 by our best estimation... in this case, a very good thing. We've almost-randomly plucked a pair songs that should give our regular visitors a good indication of what to expect from the balance of lovely music belonging to Sweet Night. The first track featured, "Paprika", has an instant flavor of New Order, while "Nasa", an instrumental, builds slowly from its innocent beginnings into the scorching guitars we were perfectly in the mood for.

MP3: Paprika
MP3: Nasa

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Somin said...

thx for your reviews!
i hope you're enjoying the music hehe

the label has been currently working with a couple of new bands. hopefully you'll get to hear their music soon too :]