Thursday, September 03, 2009

Girl Loves Distortion

MML originally featured the Washington D.C. trio of Chistopher Goett (vocals, guitar, bass, synths, organ), Steven Rubin (bass, guitar, vocals, organ) and Jenn Thomas (drums, vocals, percussion) in February 2008 with a preview of the Girl Loves Distortion debut LP Earth Beings on Exhibit, followed by another mention in September 2008 as the belated release date finally came to fruition. Now, after sifting once again through that rickety old postbox attached to our living quarters, we are more than pleased to report another outstanding collection of songs. You Better Run, Your Highness is the sophomore full-length release that was recently made available through DC-based label Etxe Records (Etxe MySpace) only a few short weeks ago. Instead of our usual extended and gushing blather regarding this lovely band, we can simply state that You Better Run, Your Highness is easily another favourite release for 2009. Have a first listen to what has us so smitten...

MP3: UFOs (Unidentified Fascist Operators)

For additional information and listening, pay an extended visit to the Girl Loves Distortion website as well as the compulsory GLD MySpace Page. The next live performance will take place September 4 (yes, tomorrow night!) at local DC venue Black Cat on the main stage. Love this band.

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