Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hair Rocket

Although today's featured artist maintains a band name that could easily conjure up mental images of various hairstyles many of us, including myself (circa 1984-86), might want to forget, the inspiration comes from a completely different direction with an odd practice, introduced as Hair Rocketing, which is mentioned in this snippet from the brief bio we found.

"...Prompting the audience to participate with magic tools and volunteer locks of hair that are attached to a rocket which forms the pagan idol; a patron of boundaries for the traveler who crosses them; followers meet via the web at an online museum to see their live rocket launched and documented chronologically as a bizarre hermetic experience."

Hair Rocket is the music project of Lumberville, Pennsylvania multi-instrumentalist Chris Blasucci who has been writing and recording this music since 2008. The most recent result is an impressive debut EP titled Novelty which was self-released earlier this month and includes accompaniment from a handful of regional artist-friends. The next live performance kicks off a string of fall dates and will take place on September 16 at Philadelphia venue Silk City. For additional listening and a new YouTube video stop by the Hair Rocket MySpace page, but for the complete experience we strongly recommend a visit to the Hair Rocket blog/website for a free download of the five songs that make up this debut EP offering. Have a listen to one of our favourite tracks after a few spins.

MP3: Electrical

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