Sunday, August 16, 2009

Le Rug: Nuke Whales

It certainly has been a while, but we are now fortunate enough to have an update on the most frequently featured artist in the three and a half year history of our little music blog. Le Rug is the ongoing music project of Brooklyn, New York-based musician Ray Weiss along with his ever-evolving cast of musical journey(wo)men. This time around, Ray enlists the assistance of members belonging to an impressive NYC trio known as Fiasco for a brand new collection of 44 songs titled Nuke Whales which was recently released through Pittsburgh, PA label Tamur Records (Tamur MySpace). 44 songs? That's right... one for each President of the United States and all tracks are titled (or named) accordingly. Although the length of each one of these songs can mostly be counted in seconds rather than minutes, you could probably stretch any given one of them out infinitely and we would continue to ask for more. Much more. The reckless, dishevelled and off-kilter sound that seems ready to come unglued at any moment always ends up taking shape as some of our favourite listening moments. A perfect example from the new release Nuke Whales:

MP3: Ronald Reagan

The entire album can be downloaded completely free by visiting Tamur Records. Also, be sure to check out the following links to our past features for some insight, further info and a ton of outstanding music. Enjoy.

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