Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Le Rug

It's not usually the case where I will feature bands more than once here, so when I do so it is because they are beyond wonderful to me and have solid new material to share. I first featured a band from NYC, The Medics, on May 27, 2006 (the pictures are gone now). I was more than impressed with what I was listening to and added them to our MML MySpace page around the same time. From a band bulletin I read, they released a new song and on August 16, 2006 we featured them once again. Since that time, the band unfortunately decided to part ways when front man Ray Weiss was committed to a psychiatric ward (no I am not kidding) for treatment. Both before and after this incident I maintained some communication with Ray and consider him a good friend as well as an extremely talented musician. The songs featured here are just some of the twelve or so he created very recently over the course of a week in his bedroom. They are all brand new and really nice if you enjoy the fuzzed out lo-fi thing. All three tracks are slightly different... One will have you thinking you are listening to Scandinavian indie rock while the other could be a US college radio pop classic. Check em both out for sure.

As mentioned above, Le Rug is the brand new music project of Ray Weiss of New York City, New York. He enslists the musical assistance of friends including primary folks Matt Gaffney (drums) Max Kagan (guitar) and Sean Ormiston (bass). Le Rug is currently unsigned and there is no website yet so you will need to visit the Le Rug Myspace Page to listen to some of the new songs. Ray also has another band, Hundred Dollar Elephant, which you might want to look into as well. Are the off-kilter vocals something that take a little getting used to? Of course they are and might be the best part of this music when given a chance. If Ray can keep his mental state in balance you can probably place a safe bet... his music will reach plenty of the right ears. While writing this, I received a really nice message from Joe Ahearn who is responsible for The Rats Of NiMH promotion, booking and support for NYC bands including Le Rug. The two live photos you see here are courtesy of Mr. Ahearn and his trusty camera. Enjoy!!

MP3: Amp
Bonus MP3 #1: Gloss
Bonus MP3 #2: Telephone

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