Thursday, January 25, 2007

Creeping Weeds

I wouldn't normally clip something from another blogger's front page but this one was too good to pass up. I figure, if you don't write the music you have no claim to it...most bands would agree (or so I would hope.) I hardly ever read the other reviews anyway so there is no thought beyond "...hrmm this sounds nice." Regardless, I discovered the exceptionally good Bars & Guitars mp3 blog yesterday and the song and insightful review (which I did read) were both posted by Peter.

Am I allowed to pick my first band for the eventual MML Best of 2007 list? This might be a complete déjà vu from last January when I mentioned NRSK as being a serious contender for 2006. Today's featured song is amazing and deserves repeated listens/blog exposure. There is a very important part of my ear that is set aside for just such a sound. You can almost hear a distant emptiness in the first few moments of this track, after which, reminders of late 90's overhauled sub-pop label bands come to mind. In any case, this is probably some of the best music I've heard coming from the states so far this year. I know, I know... It's only January but I do allow myself a certain amount of baseless speculation when the music sounds just right.

Creeping Weeds are an indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania consisting of members Pete Stewart, Justin Seitz, Chris Wirtalla, Kate Stewart and Cara Sakoian. Your first visit should be the Creeping Weeds MySpace page to hear more music. For previous material and news there is also a Creeping Weeds website. You will thank me. The song you are listening to is from the brand new 2007 debut full length release We Are All Part Of A Dream You're Having. The CD release party will be held tomorrow night Jan. 26. @ local establishment Johnny & Brendas with opening acts Future Tips and Walker Lundee. ($8 door/ get there early).

MP3: The Desert

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