Tuesday, January 23, 2007


One of the most rewarding things about doing this daily music blog/group page is when I get the chance to revisit a band that is moving forward famously since our last visit. It was July 12th of last year when we originally posted a wonderful shoegazey song from the band STAR (original review + download). In that brief writeup, I mostly made mention of accomplished musician Scott Cortez. This time there is a brand new song, and also the perfect opportunity to bring frontwoman Shannon Roberts into the spotlight. Shannon's vocal talent maintains a commanding presence while, at the same time, offering an off-balanced sweetness at just the right moments. Her voice is very similar to one of my favourite ambient vocalists... Lili De La Mora of The Year Zero. Could they possibly be lost sisters? STAR was quite a find before, but it seems they have gained solid footing now, and it really is nice to listen to them progress into one of the most promising dreamy rock outfits we've featured. If Hype Machine is any indicator, we might be the first music weblog to present this new song. Many big thanks to STAR for allowing us to make it available.

is the indie rock trio of Scott Cortez (guitar noise), Shannon Roberts (vocal terror, lyrics) and Theodore Beck (percussion, bleeding finger bass) from Chicago, Illinois. If you visit the Star website there are a few songs to download and the latest news. There is also a non-YouTube (wow) video of the song Pure Gold Reason to check out. Just let it start and hit pause to load. While you are waiting, jump over to the Star MySpace page to listen to a few more tracks and add as friends. You might also want to look into the Shannon Roberts website to hear more music. We have two of her amazing solo songs for you as bonus tracks today. Little Pig is one from the 2004 release Astralator and another would be Apocalypse Girl from the upcoming Anonymous Boom Box that has yet to be released. This is all great music. Enjoy!

MP3: In Your Arsenal
Bonus MP3 #1: Shannon Roberts - Little Pig
Bonus MP3 #2: Shannon Roberts - Apocalypse Girl


Franko6677 said...

Great post. I LOVE this band! So talented and such nice people, too. I just posted about them and their upcoming show at Hideout in my brand new blog "Windy City Rock." Will be my first time seeing them live, and I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

hello, I would greatly appreciate you upload some video of the track "jailor"... I'm from peru, you soon.