Friday, January 12, 2007

Bad Veins

Well, I finally found a (now) local band for myself to fawn over. As those who actually read this know, I've been looking for good music in Cincinnati since I moved here last week. Sure I've featured great and well known artists from the area in the past, but it seems a bit different now that I reside in the heart of the Queen City. Today's featured gem is only a demo track if you can believe it. This dreamy noise pop caught my attention right away and to be truthful, I had no idea they were local when I first listened the night before last. They would have received high recommendations and a feature regardless of location. As mentioned previously, Bad Veins are the musical duo of Benjamin Davis (guitar/synths/vocals) and Sebastien Schultz (percussion) from Cincinnati, Ohio. In the bio I read, they mention a third unofficial member of the band in "Irene", a 1973 Pioneer reel-to-reel audio recorder they use in the process of creating their music (see example picture below). They also utilize an old telephone for the purpose of vocal effect. If you visit the Bad Veins Website there are more songs to stream but little more info. They were recently featured on NPR so they might be gearing up for something much bigger online. For now, you can visit the Bad Veins (god I keep wanting to say Bad Brains) Myspace Page for a few more tracks you might really like. A couple of those songs made the top 20 late last year. The next live performance will take place at Northside Tavern here in Cincinnati tomorrow night 1/13 @ 10pm. Oh yeah...admission is free and they usually have demo hand made cds to give away at shows.

I'm fairly certain the Pioneer RT-1020L is the model they use. This picture is NOT of the band's beloved Irene. It is her distant cousin Beatrice who ran away from boarding (recording) school, moved to Cleveland and had 5 delinquent micro-cassette recorders with a Panasonic named Gary.

MP3: The Lie

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Always worth a drop by - all good stuff again. thanks