Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Paddington Distortion Combo

I watched The State Of The Union Address broadcast last night and played a drinking game while viewing it... big mistake. As a result, I am not going to be much use in posting music information for this Wednesday. I was originally going to feature a Swedish band called Lonely, Dear that has been on my desktop for quite some time. I thought I Am John was the perfect pop song until I listened to last part of the track and it instantly switched into Bee Gee mode. I'm not being negative... It was just funny. I'm sure the other songs have happier (or less happy) endings. Instead, I decided to present the side project of keyboardist Carl Olsson of The Bear Quartet from the unlikely northern town of Lulea, Sweden He joined that band in 1999 and has since created Paddington Distortion Combo. The song you are listening to does not stray far from it's initial course and might bring to mind an indirect comparison to The Jesus & Mary Chain had Stephin Merritt been involved. Your first stop should be the Paddington Distortion Combo MySpace page to listen further. The 2006 release Songs in D-struction is available through the ActionPop label/tea room/studio for a mere £4.00 GBP or $1, 599.99 USD (j/k). Unfortunately, the Paddington DC website has been down for quite some time so check the other links. More great sounds from a formidable component of the powerful Swedish music scene.

MP3: Clean Sound Suckers

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