Thursday, January 11, 2007


Since moving to Cincinnati, Ohio a little over a week ago, I've been itching to post some regional music here on MML and the MySpace group. I failed to come up with a Cinci band but ended up very close. If you drive around 45 minutes north from here you will arrive in Dayton, Ohio which is home to the band you are listening to. As if the faux British vocals weren't enough to help you guess these guys are from the same home turf as Guided by Voices??...ahem. For today's feature, I decided on the song that was least similar to GBV and is probably the most pop influenced out of the music I heard. If you are planning a new television sitcom, this might be your new theme jingle. It really is good in the catchy-pop department don't you think?

Ruetschle (pronounced *rich-ly*) is an indie rock quartet from Southwestern Ohio that include members Mike Ruetschle (vocals, guitar), Andy Ingram (drums), Cooper (bass) and new member Shawn Johnson (guitar). The song you are listening to belongs to the band's 3rd full length, mid 2006 release titled Exotic Destinations and is available on the Seattle, Washington based label Poptek. Also check out the Ruetschle MySpace page for a listen to more good music and the Ruetschle website to download some of the most recent songs. While looking for a band picture on Google, I found a background to the band's website that left me a little bit confused. After pondering how one could actually dream in British, I consulted my Londoner girl Michelle who was equally baffled and informed me that she had never, in fact, had the opportunity to dream in British either (but said "bless 'em" anyway.) All joking aside, this sound is outstanding and a true compliment to the music that influences them. The next Ruetschle live performance will be held at the Canal Street Tavern on January 20. From some of the local press I read, it seems they put on a great show.

MP3: Can You Remember?

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