Friday, January 26, 2007

Future Of The Left

Today is indie rock Friday and I have one hell of a band for you. If you remember any of the mid to late 90s Chicago, Illinois indie rock outfits we used to refer to as "stop-n-go", you will probably love today's featured band. If not, this song might leave you a bit confused. While you are listening to this raucous, but well orchestrated noise rock, I'll explain that there were a couple of record labels, Amphetamine Reptile and Touch-N-Go, that were specific to this sound within a 3 year window of 1995. Michelle even brought, into last night's conversation, that Mr. John Peel himself mentioned these labels more often than not on his late night show. As this sound spread from the Windy City, classic hardcore musicians took notice and reformed into bands similar to (and including) The Jesus Lizard. Today's featured artists are a close study and accurate delivery of that time period. It's not difficult to figure out why, since two out of three members of this power trio were also members of the highly underrated (cult status) band Mclusky. You music bloggers know them well... The guitars are a canned growl that accompany vocals which could easily see Pere Ubu's David Thomas and Brian Johnson of AC/DC having cocktails at a Shudder to Think reunion. Ok, I'm dreaming now.

Future Of The Left is the indie rock trio of Andy Falkous (guitar/vocals), Jack William Egglestone (drums) and Kelson Louis Tregurtha Mathias (bass/vocals) from Cardiff (Wales), UK. Please check out more music on the Future Of The Left MySpace page if you get the chance. The Future Of The Left website has little to offer for now besides a new message board. The band currently lists itself as having no label, but there is a close connection to the old Mclusky Label Too Pure Records where you will be able to buy the 7 inch single of this song this Monday 1/29 . The 100 Club is a 1940's London Jazz spot that evolved into the UK equivalent of CBGB... Why am I telling you this? Future Of The Left will be headlining there this Tuesday Jan 30, 2007 Admission is £6.50. If any of you end up at that show I would like a full report! (take your camera). I won't be in London for a few more weeks...damn.
Almost forgot. There is also a YouTube video to watch if it will load for you. I couldn't get it to work, but as always, the comments there say plenty.

MP3: The Lord Hates A Coward

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