Friday, March 30, 2007

MML: International Experimental 3

Last month, we featured four musicians in a brief article aptly titled MML: Experimental Four which gave notice to artists from around the world who have a slightly different take on music. As follow up, we now have three more incredible tracks from International performers who are both innovative and flavorful in equal measure. As was the case with our last post, the music here is mostly instrumental, so you will need to consider finding your hot herbal tea & slippers before experiencing the full audio effect. We decided to post these together since all three artists featured utilize both a responsible level of electronica, along with plenty of traditionally manual instruments. Our first stop is Göteborg, Sweden for the trio of Anders, Jon and Martin who make up Detektivbyrån. If you love the sound of bells or accordion, in any genre of music, this will be a big favorite. Next up is a beautiful song from an outfit that call themselves Gravity_Says_i. They are from Athens, Greece and, even after a couple of emails back and forth, I still could not get their individual names. The mystery will have to continue ah? There are vocals in this song which are quickly followed by an excellent mix of traditional sounds towards the end of the track. Finally, we visit Shibuya, Tokyo Japan for a musician known only as Ayatë. I have little information on Ayatë but the links presented below might give you a better idea... In all cases listed above, this is extremely good and deserves future updating. Enjoy the music.

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

Detektivbyrån Website
Detektivbyrån MySpace

MP3: Nattöppet


Location: Athens, Greece

Gravity_Says_i MySpace

MP3: Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Ayatë MySpace
Ayatë Blog

MP3: Umi

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Sheds

I have to say... It really is nice living on the edge of the Ohio River within downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Only a bridge across this somewhat beautiful river and a few miles into Kentucky from my compartment finds today's featured artists. There are so many talented regional musicians to experience locally and this time you get a definite favorite of ours. We originally featured The Sheds on September 30, 2006 [read original review + download] and easily gave the music high recommendations. Some additional online music resource-type folks handed out similar affectionate notice and for good reason. Since that time, a respectable amount of national and international attention continues to build in the direction of this band. Now, with a brand new CD set for release, The Sheds offer the following comfort... You've Got A Light.

Cameron Cochran
and Chris Haubner are a musical duo from Burlington, Kentucky who often refer to themselves as The Sheds. They have been busy making music together since 2005 and you can download just about all of it on The Sheds website. The new release You've Got A Light was just made available there (for free!) so, if you enjoy what you are listening to, pay them a visit. Also, stop by The Sheds MySpace page to listen, check tour dates and add to myspazz friends. The next live performance will take place tomorrow night 3/29 at local (Northside) Cincinnati venue The Comet. After a couple of shows lead the band from Ohio to Illinois, they return April 28th for the You've Got A Light CD release party at Historic Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky. Just a few minutes walk across the Purple People Bridge and I am there that night for sure. This is wonderful new material from an MML favorite. Enjoy.

MP3: Drunk For Lunch
Bonus MP3: Reflection of the Sun
Bonus MP3: Mtn Cat
Bonus MP3: Trash Can Jeans

Monday, March 26, 2007


What better way to come off the heels of some of our favorite artists from the past than to start the week with, what I would consider to be, one of the most talented rock bands present day has to offer. I do not say this lightly and hope a few of you who actually read this will take a few minutes to hear what could possibly be a new favorite for your music collection. I need to go back a year and a half ago to give you some brief history. Somewhere around mid 2005, Bob Mould announced his Body of Song tour dates along with supporting bands. As is usually the case, I investigated the opening act for the closest show and was more than pleased. For the next couple of months, the tracks Copilot and Taken In Sleep were a constant anthem before heading off to Detroit, Michigan for the live performance. There is a Myspace Blog I did the morning after that outlines the entire day with pictures of both Mr. Mould and Uncut on stage October 1, 2005. Since that time this Canadian band continues to grow into an all time personal favorite.

When the news hit for the new release, my usual, and mostly well founded, fears of sophomore disaster were looming ever present. Luckily, the first track made available, Hideaway, was good evidence of things to come. After taking some time to digest the new material I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Uncut now seems to shine beyond many of the classic alternative rock musicians they list as influence. There is a new sense of confidence and aggressive tone to this latest release that gives strong indication of longevity in a music world of quickly fading gems. If you have yet to purchase a copy, or listen to the new CD, check the links below. For those who hadn't guessed, this is definitely a band to watch in the near/far future and easily receives the highest recommendation from MML.

is an indie rock quartet from Toronto, Ontario Canada consisting of members Ian Worang (guitar, vocals), Derek Tokar (bass, vocals), Sam Goldberg (guitar, vocals) and Jon Drew (beating the hell out of a perfectly innocent drum kit). Their first full length album Those Who Were Hung Hang Here was released late 2004 on Paper Bag Records (PB Myspace) and remains in my car stereo to this day. The new release, titled Modern Currencies, is also now available through Paper Bag. To listen to more of what you are hopefully lovin' on at this point, visit the Uncut Myspace Page where you can add to friends and get upcoming tour dates. Thank you to my new friend Robbie at The Musebox Management (Musebox Myspace) for the CD and giving me the heads up that Uncut will soon be touring with Dinosaur Jr. (Yes, that Dinosaur Jr!!) How cool is that? For the most updated news, information and downloadable media, check out the official Uncut Website. Finally, I found a YouTube video of the song Understanding The New Violence which is a good look at the early years of the band. They sure did change clothes a lot back then.

Now that I am out of review mode can I just say... This band is absolutely fucking great to no end.


From Modern Currencies...
Dark Horse
Kiss Me

From Those Who Were Hung Hang Here...
Taken In Sleep

Friday, March 23, 2007

MML: Indie Rock Classics Vol. 1 (1985-1986)

With nothing planned for MML or the MySpace Listening Room this weekend, the decision was made to feature a few classic favorites from my teenage years. These 3 songs are part of a growing folder I've been keeping on my computer desktop for far too long. They were gathered here and there on various blogs and online music resource-type places over the past year or so. Don't expect much of an in depth discussion or lengthy banter on my part this time. There will be links for you to explore in order to get information and maybe even a better idea of how indie rock evolved from it's raucous beginnings. This is only the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series of multi-classic features to come. The pictures might not be from the exact year of each track, but it might amaze you that all of these albums/singles were released within one year of each other. Plenty of you are familiar with the tremendous impact these artists have had on the current crop of indie rock bands, and might agree that this is a good place to start for those just finding out about this music. If nothing else, enjoy the energy and noisy guitars in store for you this weekend.

Hüsker Dü - Celebrated Summer (1985)

I suppose just about any serious music fan has an artist they consider to be "the only band that ever really mattered" and this one is definitely mine. I discovered Hüsker Dü as a teen during the early 80's and am almost certain the song Whatever from the 1984 double album Zen Arcade was the first song that left me in a complete daze. The song featured today is from the 1985 release New Day Rising and is a favorite among most fans. Hüsker Dü was a power trio consisting of Bob Mould (guitar, vocals), Grant Hart (drums, vocals) and Greg Norton (bass) that formed in 1979 and are credited by many in defining the genre of alternative rock. For the most comprehensive history and collection of anything Hüsker Dü, check out this wonderful website maintained by Paul Hilcoff. If you click the links above, you will find both Bob and Grant have active solo music careers, while Greg runs his own restaurant. Also, given some free time is available this weekend, head out and pick up an old Hüsker Dü record or CD. You can still find them at the "good" music shops.

My Bloody Valentine - By The Danger In Your Eyes (1986)

To be honest (please don't laugh), It was late 2002 when I bought my first home computer. Before that time, I had no idea anyone even remembered My Bloody Valentine here in the states. If someone had asked me if I was a fan of MBV, they would have received a blank stare in response. Once I started browsing various musician forums, it was the greatest thing ever to see numerous arguments regarding what equipment, effects and chords were needed to re-create that original shoegaze sound. The featured song here is from the 1986 single/EP simply titled The New Record By My Bloody Valentine. There is a nicely done My Bloody Valentine Myspace Fan Page as well as an MBV Fansite which I remember having more downloads and fun stuff last time I visited. In recent developments, Kevin Shields made a statement I keep reading about where he mentions leaning towards a reunion and new release. As much as I love this band, please don't let it be so. Sometimes past accomplishments are better left to rest.

Squirrel Bait - Kid Dynamite (1986)

By far the least known band I will mention this time, Squirrel Bait was recognized as another one of the best post-punk/ post hardcore bands around during the mid to late 80's. Their short history maintains a sort of cult status among plenty of music geeks including myself. This Louisville, Kentucky based outfit received enormous praise from other emerging bands at the time while also keeping a certain level of credibility within the hardcore/punk community. For the complete story, you can check out this Ear Candy article on the band. There is also a Family Tree that might give you an idea where the members of Squirrel Bait traveled musically after they decided to call it quits in 1988. Since that time, I've loosely followed the solo career of Peter Searcy. His music takes a completely different folk direction these days, but those vocals are still some of the strongest out there. For more of the old stuff, pay a visit to this Squirrel Bait MySpace fan page.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sissy Wish

Now that SXSW 2007 is in the books, there are still a few bands from the festival I would like to feature. Instead of posting random, second hand and mostly painful accounts of the event (ok ok, I'm jealous I couldn't attend this year) as it happened, I will take some time and spread things out a bit. Plenty of you, like myself, who read about music might be suffering from Post Traumatic SXSW Blog Reading Disorder at this point. MML took it easy on you. Today's featured artist did perform in Austin, Texas this year and is one I would have loved to experience live there. On this track, the vocals are an obvious standout from the start and, when combined with the accompanying band, could probably best be described as 80s retro pop in all of the best ways. After a third and fourth listen to this song, it was clearly embedded in my brain and up next for a place on the blog. Hopefully, you have your fun (or at least dancing) shoes on and can understand how very cool this song is. Let's get to the links...shall we?

Sissy Wish is primarily the music project of Siri Wålberg from Bergen, Norway. The official Sissy Wish website is viewable but under construction for now so you will need to visit the Sissy Wish MySpace page for additional information and more of this great music. The track you are listening to is part of the brand new March 5 release Beauties Never Die which was recorded at famed Bergen based Duper Studios. The band's upcoming string of local/regional tour dates will commence April 19 at the Stavanger venue Checkpoint Charlie. Finally, there is also a Youtube Video of the song Float from the most recent recording sessions for the new release...


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Opsvik & Jennings

I was originally going to feature four new instrumental electronic(a) artists today, but when one of them jumped out at me I had no choice but to give their music more attention. While sorting through numerous artists from what some would still refer to as the experimental genre, I am usually surrounded by blips, bleeps and an overwhelming bass rhythm. That's perfectly fine with me, but when I find something that is warm and organic I usually stay interested quite a bit longer. Today's featured track is beautiful in it's beginnings with a sound I would liken to early Dirty Three or an orchestra warm up. From there, it builds out of it's disheveled dirge state with layers of multiple instruments and more pronounced percussion. If you get the chance, please listen to the entire 5:07 minutes of this one. As an added bonus, we have included another song more suited for electronica ears that is from a recent compilation you should also give a listen to. Enjoy.

Opsvik & Jennings
are an international music duo I feel the need to briefly explain. Eivind Opsvik (upright and electric bass, drums, keyboards, theremin, vocals, pump organ, software, percussion, tape loops) is from Norway, while Aaron Jennings (electric and acoustic guitars, lapsteel, banjo, samplers, software, vocals, concertina, electronics) hails from Oklahoma here in the states. Together, they now call New York City home. For more downloadable music, information and pictures, check the Opsvik & Jennings website. If that is not enough, they also inhabit a compulsory Opsvik & Jennings MySpace page. The song you are listening to is part of the upcoming March 26 (Monday!) release Commuter Anthems which will be available for purchase on the Norwegian record label Rune Grammofon. The added bonus track Self is from the January 2007 compilation RUFS and can be found at Oslo based Fenêtre Records. The next live performance will take place at NYC venue/lounge Nublu on March 27 @ 10pm... just in time for the new release.

MP3: The Pendler
Bonus MP3: Self

Monday, March 19, 2007

MML: Two Artists (SE)

Now that we have some of your undivided attention (as a result of a certain picture below) you can now take a serious listen to two more artists we found to be well worth your time to check out. Our original feature, MML: Female Four, could actually have been Female Six had I known about these additional musicians at the time. Both women are originally from Sweden with one now living in Germany. They are completely non-related in both sound and presentation but for some reason we decided to post them together. I don't think it makes much of a difference since both musicians are equally amazing in their own right. Please visit the links below for more info. This is more highly recommended music from MML and a great way to start the week.


Komon is the music project of Antonia Pehrson (guitar, organ, casio, melodica) who, from what I gathered, is originally from Sweden and lived in the UK until recently moving to Berlin, Germany. After listening to this song (prior to visiting the Komon MySpace page) I was already certain a giant Claudia Gonson influence was present, so when I saw Magnetic Fields listed under her influences I was oh-so impressed. Antonia's voice is subtle, sweet and makes me want to find my old Future Bible Heroes discs for an afternoon marathon. If you would like to hear more, check out the above MySpace link. If you contact her directly, you can purchase the most recent EP Silly Girl. She has been making music since 2001 and everything else I've heard is equally good.

MP3: Are We Friends

AK Von Malmborg

AK Von Malmborg is a performance artist, composer and vocalist from Sweden. If I were forced to make an immediate comparison, the words Kate Bush might slowly leave my lips while reaching for an opera guide and putting out a cigarette. What does this mean? There is a certain formal, yet reckless quality that accompanies her beautifully unique vocal tone and I am completely smitten by it. For another song from her musical project AK-MOMO and information on upcoming music and performance dates, visit the AK Von Malmborg MySpace page. While there, you will find that she is part of the one hour opera SORELLO which begins touring Italy April 26. She also has a video about milk? MML wants to know more about this video!!

MP3: Rosenblad

Friday, March 16, 2007

Le Rug

OK, where do I start here? This is our fourth post regarding music projects both fashioned and fronted by Ray Weiss from New York City, making him the most frequently featured musician ever on MML. Once you listen to some of his new material, you are probably going to want to stick around a bit to investigate some of the following links. Give a listen to some of these new tracks which I will change on the MySpace group page throughout the course of the weekend. This is merely a band update (regardless of my excitement) and so I will only give you a brief synopsis of what has transpired so far. Early last year we featured a wonderful rock band in The Medics. [original review & download] After that post, I was contacted by Ray (vocals/guitar) with his new project Le Rug which we featured on January 9 along with a follow up and bonus download January 10 of this year. Since that time, I have almost been afraid to blink my eye for fear of missing Mr. Weiss and his quickly developing bag of tricks. I suppose just about every music blogger has a short list of vociferating favorites and this is quickly becoming one of mine. The Le Rug MySpace page is a good place to start in order to hear more of this music and get updated band information. When you pay a visit, please listen to the song GLOSS and then watch this self-made YouTube video of Ray and his trusty Casio keyboard performing the same song in his bedroom.

The new full length release, tentatively titled Bleenex, is forthcoming so hold onto your hat. Needless to say, this artist is highly recommended by Milk Milk Lemonade. The next live performance for Le Rug will take place this Saturday night March 17 at local NYC venue The Knitting Factory along with Lawrence, Kansas outfit Appleseed Cast ($10.) More to come... Stay tuned and have a good weekend.

MP3s: Perodaphodil, Hindenburg, Gaxinthaw & Mammal

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I've neglected to update MML and the Listening Room far too often as of late, but haven't forgotten my shoegaze loving friends who visit frequently. Actually, today's featured band has a sound that is more along the lines of some of my favorite early 90s post-shoegaze artists. Swervedriver and maybe even the earliest Arcwelder material comes to mind and that is not a bad thing at all. This is an excellent (and mostly textbook) example of how a band can take the swirling guitars and dreamy qualities of a past genre that is usually bastardized and do it justice while, at the same time, making it their very own. I'm still trying to figure out how I missed out on this band and their most recent release last year. Monoland is an exceptional indie rock quartet from Berlin, Germany consisting of members Marco Blazejczak (vocals, guitar, samples), Henrik Schiemann (guitar), Matthias Ecker-Erhardt (bass, samples) and Daniel Grinstead (drums, samples). The band's third full length album titled Ben Chantice was released in 2006 and is available for purchase on German based label Supermodern. For more information, pictures and band news, visit the Monoland website. There is also a Monoland MySpace page for you to drop by where you can listen to four more tracks. All of the songs I've heard so far are really good. Finally, here's a YouTube video of the song Pimp which was created by ATAK & Martin Barber and is also a part of the band's latest release...

MP3: Yuriko

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Getting back into things for the beginning of the week will not be difficult once you listen to today's featured artists. It's not often (these days) you find a band that gets mainstream attention before the music blogosphere gets its paws all over it, but that seems to be the case here. This is highly addictive pop/punk with just enough of a cleaning job on the recording to keep some mid-level Virgin executive from his Eric Clapton iPod nap for a second or two. Fatels are a London, UK based trio consisting of Dan (guitar/vocals), Harry (bass/vocals) and JoJo (drums/vocals). The band is currently receiving attention for all the right reasons and have a couple of places for you to visit in order to hear, see and learn more about them. First of all, there is the Fatels MySpace page where you can add as friends and listen. If that weren't enough, there is also a Secondary Fatels MySpace page with more songs to download. The next live performance will take place this Wednesday March 14 at local Camden Town venue The Cuban where Fatels take the stage along with The Convictions and Eden James. Before I forget, there is also a YouTube video of the song Tough Luck Kid which the band will make available April 10 for download... here!

All good stuff and I swear I heard this song on BBC 6Music when I was over there last week.

MP3: Sunni Cher

Saturday, March 10, 2007

John Inman (June 28, 1935 - March 8, 2007)

I usually pay close attention to world (and entertainment) news but have recently been distracted as a result of work and travel. For this reason, it was only this morning that I learned about the death of my favorite television situation comedy actor John Inman. To be honest, I absolutely loathe television and movies as they exist present day. They are feeding you the same garbage over and over dressed up with the latest pop culture trends. Of course you know this, but it just gives me time to collect my thoughts while typing into my Gmail before posting this on the blog. Are You Being Served? was a British sitcom which originally aired in 1972 on the BBC. Much later, the re-runs were made available through PBS here in the states where they received eventual cult status. The episodes continue to air and were a big part of my evening entertainment as a child. John Inman played the role of senior menswear assistant Mr. Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries on the series and, if you ask most fans, was the keystone of success for Are You Being Served? From what I've read, there was a small amount of outrage sparked within gay rights groups regarding Mr. Humphries and his stereotypical portrayal at the time but his role now seems to be embraced as playful humor more often than not. John Inman will definitely be missed...

The song featured today might not make it to your Ipod but is an arguably wonderful step back in time. It was recorded with Mr. Inman backed by The Teddy Bears' Picnic in 1975 and actually reached #39 on British music charts that year. As bonus, I have included the original Are You Being Served? theme song as well as a recording from 1962 of Wendy Richard (Miss Shirley Brahms) at age 15 (allegedly - Michelle) fighting off slap and tickle advances from Mike Sarne. Kind of creepy ah? Finally, in case you are unfamiliar with John Inman and Are You Being Served?, I have attached some links to a few YouTube clips from the show. These should definitely give you a laugh.

MP3: Are You Being Served, Sir? (1975)
Bonus MP3: "Are You Being Served" Theme
Bonus MP3: Mike Sarne - Come Outside

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pelle Carlberg

Scandinavian week? I'm not sure yet but it might seem that way if you were placing a safe bet. Today's featured artist has a long history (almost exactly my age) in a particular segment of the Swedish music scene we mention often on our blog page. Pelle Carlberg is originally from Uppsala, Sweden where he was a part of several bands. Eventually, and most recently, he formed the six piece outfit Edson. From there, his solo work emerged and continues to receive praise from many directions with a moderate and recent new surge within music blog circles. The song featured today belongs to the upcoming release In a nutshell which will be available March 28 through Labrador Records. If you were wondering, like myself, the female vocal contributor for this song is none other than Ida Maria (Ida Maria MySpace.) If you would like more information and music downloads, visit the Pelle Carlberg website. There is also a Pelle Carlberg MySpace to hear tracks from his 2006 album Everything Now! and watch a YouTube Video of the song Riverbank from that release. In fact, you can watch it right here...

I have no ridiculous music comparisons this time and so you are spared my trite blather for once. Just listen to some of the other songs on the links provided above. They are really good.

MP3: I Love You, You Imbecile

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Making a go at posting as many 2007 SXSW bands prior to the festival as possible was originally our plan, but recent travels have made it almost impossible to keep up with the mayhem. Instead, I thought it a small consolation to feature a few of our favorites in the coming week or so. There really will be far too many musicians in Austin, Texas during the coming days to sort through all of them but I've made an attempt as far as our obvious tastes are concerned. This driving noise rock, with what I've read is a chaotic stage performance, might find just about anyone who visits the MML blog regularly front and center if given the chance check them out live. Reykjavik! is a raucous 5 piece from (where else?)... Reykjavik, Iceland. Members Bóas (vocals), Haukur (guitar), Gummi (guitar), Kristján (drums) and Valdi (bass) formed the band in 2005 and have since received multiple "Best of 2006" mentions regionally as a result of last years debut album Glacial Landscapes, Religion, Oppression and Alcohol. It was released, and is currently available on the Iceland and now also Denmark based label 12 Tónar ( 12 Tónar MySpace) If you get the chance to visit the Reykjavik! MySpace page there are more songs and links to download a new web-only EP. After the almighty SXSW Festival, Reykjavik! will make an appearance at the much anticipated SPOT Festival 2007 in Århus, Denmark. There is also a SPOT Festival MySpace to check out where past and present year lineups and band profiles are featured. Enjoy today's noisy treat.

MP3: All Those Beautiful Boys

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Just returned home from London (great time is an understatement) and as soon as I walk through the door, a delivery is found that had been saved for me by the building management who are welcomed and aware of MML. Upon closer inspection, I realize it is a package from Norway. How very cool is that? As it turns out, the band Palisades, who we featured in September 2006 [click here for original review and download], sent both their EP and another CD which I will mention in a moment. Today's featured song is a part of the band's excellent self titled debut EP and was recorded at Out Of Tunes Recordings. just outside of Stavanger, Norway. For a few more songs and to add as friends, check out the Palisades MySpace page. There are also 2 more songs to download if you visit the Palisades NRK Urørt page which also doubles as the band website for now. I wanted to share some garage/indie rock energy upon returning from a restful vacation and this band hits the spot perfectly. I hope you enjoy this and read below for related (but completely different) music.

front man / guitarist Lars Arne Lindland also has a solo project which was included in the CD care package I received. If your taste falls more in line with alternative country and really nice acoustic folk music you might want to pay attention to this new material. We have three tracks here as a bonus for you, and you'll find plenty more if you drop by the The Gilded Lines NRK Urørt site. Then there's always the obligatory The Gilded Lines MySpace Page, which is also well worth a visit. Thank you to Lars for sending the music. All great stuff my friend.

MP3: Palisades - What I Can't Take
Bonus MP3s by The Gilded Lines: I Meant Everything You Said, Out of Sight & Sound of Forever