Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Just returned home from London (great time is an understatement) and as soon as I walk through the door, a delivery is found that had been saved for me by the building management who are welcomed and aware of MML. Upon closer inspection, I realize it is a package from Norway. How very cool is that? As it turns out, the band Palisades, who we featured in September 2006 [click here for original review and download], sent both their EP and another CD which I will mention in a moment. Today's featured song is a part of the band's excellent self titled debut EP and was recorded at Out Of Tunes Recordings. just outside of Stavanger, Norway. For a few more songs and to add as friends, check out the Palisades MySpace page. There are also 2 more songs to download if you visit the Palisades NRK Urørt page which also doubles as the band website for now. I wanted to share some garage/indie rock energy upon returning from a restful vacation and this band hits the spot perfectly. I hope you enjoy this and read below for related (but completely different) music.

front man / guitarist Lars Arne Lindland also has a solo project which was included in the CD care package I received. If your taste falls more in line with alternative country and really nice acoustic folk music you might want to pay attention to this new material. We have three tracks here as a bonus for you, and you'll find plenty more if you drop by the The Gilded Lines NRK Urørt site. Then there's always the obligatory The Gilded Lines MySpace Page, which is also well worth a visit. Thank you to Lars for sending the music. All great stuff my friend.

MP3: Palisades - What I Can't Take
Bonus MP3s by The Gilded Lines: I Meant Everything You Said, Out of Sight & Sound of Forever

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