Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Opsvik & Jennings

I was originally going to feature four new instrumental electronic(a) artists today, but when one of them jumped out at me I had no choice but to give their music more attention. While sorting through numerous artists from what some would still refer to as the experimental genre, I am usually surrounded by blips, bleeps and an overwhelming bass rhythm. That's perfectly fine with me, but when I find something that is warm and organic I usually stay interested quite a bit longer. Today's featured track is beautiful in it's beginnings with a sound I would liken to early Dirty Three or an orchestra warm up. From there, it builds out of it's disheveled dirge state with layers of multiple instruments and more pronounced percussion. If you get the chance, please listen to the entire 5:07 minutes of this one. As an added bonus, we have included another song more suited for electronica ears that is from a recent compilation you should also give a listen to. Enjoy.

Opsvik & Jennings
are an international music duo I feel the need to briefly explain. Eivind Opsvik (upright and electric bass, drums, keyboards, theremin, vocals, pump organ, software, percussion, tape loops) is from Norway, while Aaron Jennings (electric and acoustic guitars, lapsteel, banjo, samplers, software, vocals, concertina, electronics) hails from Oklahoma here in the states. Together, they now call New York City home. For more downloadable music, information and pictures, check the Opsvik & Jennings website. If that is not enough, they also inhabit a compulsory Opsvik & Jennings MySpace page. The song you are listening to is part of the upcoming March 26 (Monday!) release Commuter Anthems which will be available for purchase on the Norwegian record label Rune Grammofon. The added bonus track Self is from the January 2007 compilation RUFS and can be found at Oslo based FenĂȘtre Records. The next live performance will take place at NYC venue/lounge Nublu on March 27 @ 10pm... just in time for the new release.

MP3: The Pendler
Bonus MP3: Self

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