Friday, March 16, 2007

Le Rug

OK, where do I start here? This is our fourth post regarding music projects both fashioned and fronted by Ray Weiss from New York City, making him the most frequently featured musician ever on MML. Once you listen to some of his new material, you are probably going to want to stick around a bit to investigate some of the following links. Give a listen to some of these new tracks which I will change on the MySpace group page throughout the course of the weekend. This is merely a band update (regardless of my excitement) and so I will only give you a brief synopsis of what has transpired so far. Early last year we featured a wonderful rock band in The Medics. [original review & download] After that post, I was contacted by Ray (vocals/guitar) with his new project Le Rug which we featured on January 9 along with a follow up and bonus download January 10 of this year. Since that time, I have almost been afraid to blink my eye for fear of missing Mr. Weiss and his quickly developing bag of tricks. I suppose just about every music blogger has a short list of vociferating favorites and this is quickly becoming one of mine. The Le Rug MySpace page is a good place to start in order to hear more of this music and get updated band information. When you pay a visit, please listen to the song GLOSS and then watch this self-made YouTube video of Ray and his trusty Casio keyboard performing the same song in his bedroom.

The new full length release, tentatively titled Bleenex, is forthcoming so hold onto your hat. Needless to say, this artist is highly recommended by Milk Milk Lemonade. The next live performance for Le Rug will take place this Saturday night March 17 at local NYC venue The Knitting Factory along with Lawrence, Kansas outfit Appleseed Cast ($10.) More to come... Stay tuned and have a good weekend.

MP3s: Perodaphodil, Hindenburg, Gaxinthaw & Mammal

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