Monday, March 26, 2007


What better way to come off the heels of some of our favorite artists from the past than to start the week with, what I would consider to be, one of the most talented rock bands present day has to offer. I do not say this lightly and hope a few of you who actually read this will take a few minutes to hear what could possibly be a new favorite for your music collection. I need to go back a year and a half ago to give you some brief history. Somewhere around mid 2005, Bob Mould announced his Body of Song tour dates along with supporting bands. As is usually the case, I investigated the opening act for the closest show and was more than pleased. For the next couple of months, the tracks Copilot and Taken In Sleep were a constant anthem before heading off to Detroit, Michigan for the live performance. There is a Myspace Blog I did the morning after that outlines the entire day with pictures of both Mr. Mould and Uncut on stage October 1, 2005. Since that time this Canadian band continues to grow into an all time personal favorite.

When the news hit for the new release, my usual, and mostly well founded, fears of sophomore disaster were looming ever present. Luckily, the first track made available, Hideaway, was good evidence of things to come. After taking some time to digest the new material I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Uncut now seems to shine beyond many of the classic alternative rock musicians they list as influence. There is a new sense of confidence and aggressive tone to this latest release that gives strong indication of longevity in a music world of quickly fading gems. If you have yet to purchase a copy, or listen to the new CD, check the links below. For those who hadn't guessed, this is definitely a band to watch in the near/far future and easily receives the highest recommendation from MML.

is an indie rock quartet from Toronto, Ontario Canada consisting of members Ian Worang (guitar, vocals), Derek Tokar (bass, vocals), Sam Goldberg (guitar, vocals) and Jon Drew (beating the hell out of a perfectly innocent drum kit). Their first full length album Those Who Were Hung Hang Here was released late 2004 on Paper Bag Records (PB Myspace) and remains in my car stereo to this day. The new release, titled Modern Currencies, is also now available through Paper Bag. To listen to more of what you are hopefully lovin' on at this point, visit the Uncut Myspace Page where you can add to friends and get upcoming tour dates. Thank you to my new friend Robbie at The Musebox Management (Musebox Myspace) for the CD and giving me the heads up that Uncut will soon be touring with Dinosaur Jr. (Yes, that Dinosaur Jr!!) How cool is that? For the most updated news, information and downloadable media, check out the official Uncut Website. Finally, I found a YouTube video of the song Understanding The New Violence which is a good look at the early years of the band. They sure did change clothes a lot back then.

Now that I am out of review mode can I just say... This band is absolutely fucking great to no end.


From Modern Currencies...
Dark Horse
Kiss Me

From Those Who Were Hung Hang Here...
Taken In Sleep

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