Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bring Me The Fucking Riot... Man: Solidarity Died And So Did We

 Over five years have passed since our first mention of today's featured artist, in January 2007, so we were more than a bit tickled when opening a recent email to discover a brand new album was at hand. Stockholm, Sweden based four piece Bring Me The Fucking Riot... Man have now recorded and christened a new full-length collection of ten songs, titled Solidarity Died And So Did We, that was just released through local label Selective Notes last week. One click and a few minutes listening was all that we needed to begin our realization that this long-lost band hadn't strayed for a single nanosecond from their original course. Colored in light humor where both delivery and often sound are concerned, Bring Me The Fucking Riot... Man makes perfectly certain you are aware of their raw guitars, driving rhythms and how brutally honest the underlying message of each track happens to be. Beautifully raucous and well worth each ounce of volume your computer speakers can produce. Listen to this...

MP3: Enough! We Demand The Abdication

The next live performance will take place tomorrow night, May 11, at central Södermalm venue Debaser Medis. There is also a new video from this latest album, for the lead track There Is Something Wrong With Your Head. Your Brain Is Dead, that is compulsory viewing. Love this band all over again.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cold Blue Kid: Mimic (EP)

 Where more recently released music is concerned, traces of influence from various artists or genres, both past and present, are not all that uncommon for us to notice. Mentioned or otherwise, we always enjoy quiet little comparisons while listening and have a definite treat for sharing today. Chicago, Illinois based Cold Blue Kid began as the solo music project of multi-instrumentalist Alex Longoria in the latter part of 2010. After a debut, self-titled album was recorded bedroom-style that same year, Alex enlisted the accompaniment of local musicians Andrew Sole (percussion), Evan Holmes (guitar, vocals), Sarah Gallagher (bass, vocals) and Jenn Romero (keyboards, vocals) to complete the full band lineup. Earlier this year, with the now five piece outfit in place, a collection of six new songs were made available in the form of an EP titled Mimic. From the very beginning of our listening session(s), a growing sense of JAMC influence gives way to lightly threaded hints of New Order that seem to float out into an open sea of Scandinavian pop inspiration. All similarities aside, the occasional and unexpected launch of drifting guitars lay claim to a rare sweet spot in the ear, leaving our minds on the sun-drenched lawn of an imaginary summer music festival. Impressive new music from a band we hope to follow up on.  

From the February 2012 EP Mimic MP3: Mimic

 **BONUS** From the January 2011 debut release Cold Blue Kid
MP3: Stay Alive

 This Sunday, May 6, the band will perform live at local Chicago music venue Subterranean. For additional information, visit the Cold Blue Kid Facebook page.