Sunday, August 22, 2010


Upon receiving new recordings from side-projects associated with previously featured artists, our collective interest is always piqued as the scramble for retrieving music files and spreading sound all over our little office space begins. In this particular instance, we are fortunate enough to bring you exactly one half, the female half, of Chicago, Illinois based lovelies Panda Riot. Musical collaborators Rebecca Scott (vocals, guitar, tambourine etc.) and Melissa Harris (vocals, keyboards, glockenspiel, etc.) have recently put together a handful of songs, under the band name Architecture, which will eventually belong to a debut EP in the very near future. Any extended commentary on our part would be futile at this early stage but, after having an listen to the preview, serious recommendations for closely following this duo can easily be made. Settle in with this beautiful track and expect an excited follow-up once the release date arrives...

MP3: Tomorrow

As an unexpected bonus, check out this R. Kelly cover song from Rebecca and Melissa. Love it!

Bonus MP3: Pregnant (R. Kelly cover)

Extra Special Bonus MP3: The Book Of Love (Magnetic Fields cover - Rebecca Scott)

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Satin Gum: EP2

It's been nearly two years since our October 2008 feature of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania trio Satin Gum and we are now fortunate enough to have both updated news plus listening we can't recommend enough. As a follow-up to their self-titled debut EP, collaborating musicians Brian Spekis (vocals, guitar, keys), Dan Vavro (drums, backing vocals), and Travis Craig (bass) have recently completed five new songs for the aptly-christened release EP2. With emphasis shifting slightly away from a 'gazy wall-of-sound account first given here in 2008, the noticeable influence making its way to the surface now seems to be The Replacements, if not a classic slice of that particular time period of American rock'n'roll history, altogether. The monstrously effective guitars, vocals to honor (or taunt) Jeff Tweedy's past and various song structures full of catch-tastic turns within each track, easily lands EP2 towards the top of our favourite non-full-length releases for 2010. Visit the Satin Gum website for information on picking up a copy of the new EP and be sure to check out their next live performance, on September 4, at a nifty old building in Butler, Pennsylvania known as the Butler Art Center.

Have a listen...

MP3: Hip Shake Heartbreak

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunkyeol EP

Seoul, South Korea-based label Electric Muse always seems to brighten our day with a simple click of an email send button from a magic little world of music we've both come to adore. This time around, our earful of loveliness belongs to a collection local musician-friends, from a variety of Korean bands, who have crafted a debut EP under the name Sunkyeol. Admittedly, the information we've been able to piece together on this particular music project is limited, however, there is a brief 2009 interview through Korean music resource Indieful Rok that might shed a bit more light for those interested. From the dreamy opening bells of Songstress to the concluding guitars falling into a sleepy haze for Aphex Convention, Sunkyeol delivers a beautiful EP, consisting of four songs, which require immediate listening rather than any further explanation. Enjoy the lead track.

MP3: Songstress

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Purplespace: Eventually, Juliet...

As we've mentioned a few times earlier this year, 2010 is turning out to be an amazing series of months for EP releases from both new and previously featured artists. This time around, attention is once again focused in on Jacksonville, Florida based musicians John Hashtak (guitar, vocals), Tara Golden (vocals), Reed Clendenen (bass, vocals) and Jim Singleton (drums, synth) who were first featured here in October 2007 with their long-time music endeavor Starring Me. Since our very first exposure, the music continues to grow lovely little vines into our collective ear with the addition of their now thriving project Purplespace. As a follow up to the 2006 Purplespace debut Broken Bells and later full-length offering A Tiny Little Spark, which we fell in love with during February 2009, there is a brand new EP set to be released titled Eventually Juliet... that should become available at some point later this month. Five beautiful songs, straying no further than a local corner shop from the original sound, providing intensified vocal interaction and the fluid delivery in instrumentation needed to land us back into our chairs for an extended view of ceiling fans. A favourite track from the new EP for you now... complete suckers for bells, we are.

MP3: Counting Stars

Friday, August 06, 2010

The Hounds Below: Southgate House 8/6

The Hounds Below, a Detroit, Michigan four-piece consisting of musicians Jason Stollsteimer, Ben Collins, Molly Jean Schoen and Ben Luckett, happen to be making their way into our little world tonight, with a live performance at celebrated Newport, Kentucky venue Southgate House. Consider this an invitation to experience a unique take on classic rock-and-roll with a playful twist to send the senses bouncing wildly back and forth between Roy Orbison and Lux Interior. Please give the following song a good listen... an outstanding new band.

MP3: Love's No Longer Here

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Screen Vinyl Image: Remixes EP

With our continued effort in playing catch-up after the most recent hiatus, we need to reach back a few months for a release which happened to escape our collective radar at the time. To be perfectly honest, any mention of the term "remix" will usually find us scurrying for cover under a pile of old dusty hardcore records. This time around, however, the band in question was finally realized and manipulated tracks absorbed, leaving a sweet flavour developing almost instantly in our ears. Screen Vinyl Image is the Washington, DC duo of multi-instrumentalists Jake Reid and Kim Reid who were originally featured here in April 2009 with a belated review of the album Interceptors. Since that time, Interceptors was happily included in our 2009 Favourites Edition and Screen Vinyl Image have released their most recent project, an EP titled Remixes, through Virginia based label Custom Made Music. Each of the six tracks included in this EP are versions suited for a night-time drive rather than the confines of peripheral computer sound devices and make for the perfect precursor to an upcoming August EP/Cassette titled Ice Station via Fan Death Records. Check out the next live performance at local DC venue Velvet Lounge on August 15 and be sure to listen to the following song, aptly titled "What You Need", as remixed by French artist TeenageSinTaste. Lovely.

MP3: What You Need (TeenageSinTaste Remix)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Harvey Girls: I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately

So, we've been away from our little music nest for nearly a month to the hour at this very moment. With both email and PO boxes filled with a variety of new treats, we have some serious catching up to do. Luckily for everyone's ears, a recent release is ours to report from a duo of musicians who seem to have a knack for raising chills up the collective MML spine with even a passing mention of possible new material. Multi-instrumentalists Hiram Lucke and Melissa Rodenbeek are the Portland, Oregon duo known to plenty of fans as The Harvey Girls. Originally featured here in September 2006, then again with side project Holland Buffalo in January 2008, and most recently for the release Nutate in July 2008, Melissa and Hiram now have a brand new album titled I've Been Watching A Lot Of Horror Movies Lately that deserves nothing less than an extended listen. For the sake of our sanity, please do not ask for an explanation of sound, influence or direction, as it would only find us scrambling endlessly in the wide expanse existing somewhere between Stephin Merritt and Steve Albini. Instead, visit their very own label/online community Circle Into Square to find more information on this new release and news updates for a bevy of like-minded artists. Portland is quite the lucky city to have The Harvey Girls as resident-musicians and you can check out a live performance on August 8 as part of the KBOO Community Radio PDX Bridge Festival. If only, in some parallel universe, we could be a band instead of a blog... this would most certainly be the one. Listen up.

From the 2010 full-length release I've Been Watching A Lot Of Horror Movies Lately:
MP3: Monster