Thursday, November 30, 2006

Panda Riot

Since the writing done for both websites usually happens late at night, I almost thought it would be a small treat to give myself an early evening and let everything go for a day. The weather here in Ohio is unseasonably mild for late November and for once it might have been nice to take a walk or get outside at night. Of course I probably would have ended up stumbling back from the pubs with "thank you" bags full of bar appetizers in Styrofoam boxes, so it's probably a good thing I found worthwhile music to write about instead. Today's featured artists were found on our own MML MySpace friends list when they posted a bulletin regarding tracks that were newly available. After visiting the music, it was immediately necessary to re-schedule our features in order to accommodate this wonderful sound. If you are listening to the song now, it won't be difficult to realize this as being a shoegaze-tastic piece (with a good beat!?!)and dreamy vocals to seal the deal. There will be none of my blathering on about what does or does not constitute the good and bad of this particular genre. I think enough was said about it in our previous posts both here... and here. The numerous MBV fans who visit our group and haven't already heard this band will surely be thinking of the song 'Soon' when listening.

Panda Riot is the duo of Brian Cook (guitar/drum programming/sampler) and Rebecca Scott (soprano vocals/guitar/keyboard) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band's extra little helper would be a drum machine for both live and recording situations. They have only been making this music for a year and a half now but are getting some solid attention as a result. Just last month they were part of the Skipping Stones Records sponsored New England Popfest 2006 along with several bands previously featured here. If you visit the Panda Riot MySpace you can find and today's featured track as well as the 3 new ones I mentioned above. From what I read on the Panda Riot Website, what you are listening to is only a current version of a song that will appear on their upcoming release. Also on the website are previous CD's for $5 and t-shirts for $10 USD. This is great music that brings me to wonder how thunderous it would be live with the addition of just the right drummer and bassist in support. Anyway... this is great as is.

MP3: She Dares All Things

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