Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Lovekevins

I read somewhere on a music forum when trying to find information on today's featured artists that, no matter how much better we think Swedish indie pop is compared to what we have, the mainstream garbage they are subjected to is far worse than ours. I find that hard to believe but can only imagine how funny the R&B/rap scene is over there. Actually, I'm not sure I want to imagine. By now you can probably guess that it's time, once again, for my weekly post on another incredibly talented band from Sweden. There really wasn't much information I could find since some of the older reviews of this band's previous material consisted of nothing more than a few sentences. I'll just give you a couple of links below and also add that this is a very catchy new pop song you might end up keeping in heavy rotation to brighten up your winter days. Michelle and I were both listening to this track at the same time while on MSN webcam and both found ourselves bopping around to it. This is very fun music.

The Lovekevins
are primarily the duo of Fredrik and Ola from Malmö, Sweden. They enlist the assistance of various other regional musicians to record and perform live. I tried to visit the band's website at lovekevins/ but it seems the site has been taken down or is under construction. For this reason you will need to visit The Lovekevins MySpace Page. Once you arrive, the first thing you might notice is that most of the band's top friends are named Kevin. If you are a Kevin, you might want to become a friend. There are 4 songs available to download on the myspace page from both of The Lovekevin's 2005 EP releases Blame The English and Max Léon. The track you are listening to here is the brand new single that was released on the Songs I Wish I Had Written label and will be a part of the upcoming Lovekevins full length album in early 2007. There will be a limited UK tour to coincide with the new material as well.

MP3: Private Life Of A Cat

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Anonymous said...

I heard this song on a podcast, and am currently in love with it.

Thanks for the info on the Lovekevins, they're so hard to find about!