Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Oh... do I have a fun one for today's feature! I honestly can't remember where I found this track but it may have something to do with an extended Happy Hour I came home from after work last week. I remember having a mouthful of fried pub appetizers I brought back to the house in styrofoam boxes while clicking various MP3 blogs and exclaiming in a muffled voice "best mmm fucking mm band mmm ever!!!.." after every song. I'm just glad I downloaded this drunken treasure onto my desktop, otherwise I probably would never have found it again. The first thing you might notice is the wonderfully reckless/lazy guitar sound that is soon overwhelmed by an 80s-tastic dance beat. For some of you older hardcore punk fans, the beginning and background guitars of this one will bring to mind early 80s Tar Babies material (Respect Your Nightmares.) If you are having fun with today's feature, the X.Lover MySpace page is a definite must visit. I was not so surprised to find them listing Pussy Galore as an influence on their music profile there. Just play the 3rd song down titled "Sunday Never Comes" and you will eventually know what I mean about the PG thing. All songs on myspace are 2005 demos (I think) and there is also a cover of the Salt-N=Pepa classic "Push It" on the MySpace player for your enjoyment. I laughed anyway.

is a self described electro-junk-death-disco quartet from Oslo, Norway. Jin Dim (Guitars, Vocals, Cheap Synthesizer), Therese (Vocals, Guitars, Expensive Synthesizer), Elen (Bass, Banshee Screams, Moaning) and Thea (Electric Drums) started making music collectively in 2001. The band has a brand new debut self titled EP that was just released this Monday, November 6 through the Honeymilk Records label. You can listen to the new song "Kick It...!" and buy it there for NOK 9,50. There is also a newly created X.Lover website and I found a really good YouTube video for that "kickin" new song.

Thea is dreamy and this band is great.

MP3: Prostitution

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Anonymous said...

I suppose you know they've released a full album, called Transatlantic. It's grrrreat! Listening to it now, as a matter of fact.

I stumbled upon x.lover around four years ago, at a small conert with multiple low-profile bands, and immediately fell in love with the music. I know I've seen them live at least once since that time, maybe more ... and it's just all so great.

Regahds, KH