Monday, November 20, 2006

The Twilight Sad

Photo by Neale Smith (check his MySpace).

First, the useless news: I ended up taking the weekend off in order to move forward with my relocation to Cincinnati, Ohio. I drove there yesterday and leased around 1200 square feet of loft space downtown overlooking Paul Brown Stadium and the Ohio River with all of its bridges. It is a beautiful view and also a new urban landscape for Milk Milk Lemonade to call home. Michelle will hopefully be moving in before Spring 2007 so long as the US government sees fit to process "the paperwork" without determining either of us a potential threat to national security. I should have included the fact that neither of us should be given large quantities of Tequila. Anyway, lets get to the music. Is this shoegaze or not? I will go with a big yes here since what starts out a delicate buzz eventually (and beautifully) builds into the frenzied wall of sound we are all so familiar with. In the initial part of today's featured track, the beat slowly takes hold followed by what can only be described as an awkward vocal introduction. At first listen, I was almost put off but luckily let the song continue long enough to discover that the voice of James Graham eventually becomes an addictive keynote. I'm not one to fawn over male vocals but the commonly described off-kilter here is just wonderful. Influences? All you need to know is one word: Swervedriver.

The Twilight Sad
is an indie rock quartet consisting of James Graham (vocals), Andy MacFarlane (guitar, noise), Craig Orzel (bass) and Mark Devine (drums) who are all from Glasgow, Scotland. The band formed in 2003 and eventually sent a demo in to Brighton based label Fat Cat. If you like what you are hearing right now, your first stop should be The Twilight Sad Myspace page. There you can listen to more good music and check their blog to see what big media is saying about the band. Before you leave their myspace page check out previously featured MML favorite Frightened Rabbit on their top friends list. You won't be disappointed. Today's featured song is from the band's debut EP which was released on Fat Cat Records (myspace link) for the US and Canada last week or November 14th to be exact. They just finished a limited North American tour and are headed back to Glasgow where a Tuesday November 21 show is planned with above mentioned band Frightened Rabbit at local venue King Tut's. I've been slacking with my updates on music lately but hopefully this band makes up for a bit of it. This is quite a way to start off the week ah?

MP3: ... and she would darken the memory of youth

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