Tuesday, November 14, 2006


During the past year I think we've featured 3 or 4 musicians from Japan and, for once, have a non-shoegaze outfit from that part of the world to share with you. In the case of today's feature, the rhythm and minimal fluttering sounds set a perfect backdrop for some of the most beautiful vocals I've posted here on MML or in the MySpace group. When I find artists who send a warm chill up my skeleton at first listen, it makes this whole music searching thing well worth my time. Plenty of you have the same hobby, I'm sure, and can probably relate to the music buzz of which I speak. Upon visiting the Skist MySpace Page you will find 3 more tracks both new and old as well as an informative interview with Lawrence English of the Australian label/musical organization Room 40. The interview is definitely worth the couple of minutes it takes to read and the additional songs are all really nice. This track proves to me that the human voice can be an amazing distraction. I had today's song playing while trying to write this and had to stop it after catching myself in the middle of a daydream on more than one occasion.

is the ambient music project of Haruna Ito (vocals, feedback, field recordings, plastic) and Samm Bennett (wavedrum, percussion, synthesizers, gadgets) from Tokyo, Japan. After a few appearances on various compilation projects, they released the full length CD Ellipsis on what I am guessing is their very own label Polarity Records in 2002. Today's song is part of the brand new September 2006 release Taking Something Somewhere. Both are available on CD Baby for $15 USD (each) if you click on the above highlighted titles. December 8-10 will see Skist performing in Shinsekai, Osaka during the Bridge At Festival Gate event. For more information visit the Skist Website. Very high recommendations on this one!

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