Monday, November 27, 2006

Lily Frost

The long weekend was nice and restful besides a few minor computer problems that plagued a better part of Sunday morning. Who knew a wireless router could cause so much distress?? After all was not straightened out, I hopped around in music blogland and found a great artist at one of my favorite MP3 weblogs. Alan at Sixeyes featured this one last week and I kept going back to listen to the tracks he posted. When hearing something like this that grabs me, I usually (and wrongly) suspect the music of having already traveled it's way into currently acceptable mass consumption media. Once I figured that not to be the case, a different problem presented itself. All songs are amazing and could easily have been the one posted today, so an hour or so was spent clicking back and forth. I finally settled on this track and, after running it by a few folks on my friends list, was asked more than once if this was Hello Saferide. Of course my answer was: "Are you kidding me??...this is Bobby Baby!!" My beer soaked humor might not seem funny to you right now but I can assure I am laughing like a loon after the fun I had at the expense of those close to me. Let's get to the links, facts and anything else I can find that makes sense here.

Lily Frost is a musician from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The supporting cast for live performance and recorded material include her husband Jose Miguel Contreras, Jay Ball, Simone Grey and Morgan Doctor. The song you are listening to is part of the mid September 2006 full length release Cine-Magique which is available through the Aporia Records label for $14 CAD. It is Lily's 4th release and was finished in the production stages by her husband while she was pregnant with their first son. Upon entering the Lily Frost MySpace Page something besides the music jumped out at me immediately. 1970 eurovision runner-up Mary Hopkin is on her top friends list. If you have no idea who she is, here is a YouTube clip of her big hit from the late 60's.

She also did Donovan cover songs. Paul McCartney probably could have made anyone famous back then (even me beating a bucket with a stick.) Anyway, getting back on topic, there are more songs for download on the Lily Frost MySpace and a few from past releases on the Lily Frost Website. All of the music I heard was impressive, the vocals beautiful and most of the above mentioned links are very much worth a visit. A good way to start off the week for sure.

MP3: Enchantment

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