Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Juliet Kilo

I've had some computer problems during the past 24 hours and was unable to change music yesterday. If it isn't one thing... blah blah. Anyway, I was looking forward to getting this one up and now have the chance. I've been attempting to find different experimental artists and happened upon today's feature at the Indie MP3 music blog. It was fairly difficult to decide which song to post since all of the tracks I eventually found were markedly different in flavor. Much of the music is sparse and minimalist while some of the material is an extremely warm listen. In the case of the song I featured today, the Banjo and vocals might just have you forgetting the low key electronic rhythms that surround them so nicely. I was looking for a way to incorporate the word organic somewhere in the writeup but it kept sounding forced and cliched so I will move on to the links for more music... The important stuff.

The Juliet Kilo
is the music and video arts of current Boston, Massachusetts resident David Levin. From what I read, he is originally from Northern Ohio and found his craft in 2003. The song you are hopefully listening to by now is from a compilation titled Local Collections 2005 that was made available by the Compound 440R Collective of which David is a part. To hear more of this music you can first visit The Juliet Kilo MySpace page and add on as a friend while at it. There are more songs for download and several quicktime videos on The Juliet Kilo website as well. You can also purchase the debut EP titled Please Excuse Me If My Heart Stops Beating there for $8 + $2 shipping USD. After reading a bit more, it seems that a new 3 song EP, Careers In Radio, is done and will be available soon. Enjoy!

MP3: Poison Water

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