Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Upsidedown

Sometimes having a ton of brand spanking new MP3 files sitting on my computer desktop and a few unopened packages from record companies (the big ones in silly sheep clothing) are no comfort for me at all. I'd rather find musicians on myspace or other sources that actually deserve mention. In many cases, the songs I find are a couple of years old and have already run their course in major league blogland. It amazes me how quickly musicians who rely on the Internet are relegated to the sidelines these days. I can think of a few bands that might as well have planned a reunion tour (first gig) before their debut album was released. I'm not kidding. Honestly, this has nothing to do with today's feature beyond the fact that the song is from 2004. I just get carried away with things and hope people read "blah blah blah" between the glowing links provided. Let's get to the music at hand shall we?

The Upsidedown is an indie rock sextet from Portland, Oregon consisting of Jsun Atoms (vocals/guitar), Tristan Evans (bass/vocals), Matt Moore (guitar/vocals/harmonica), Rob Scrivner (lead guitar), Brett Kron (keyboards) and B. Mild (percussion.) The track you are listening to belongs to the band's debut full length album Trust Electricity which was released in 2004. It is currently available through the Reverb Records label for $12.00 USD. When I first heard this song, early Urge Overkill material came to mind for some strange reason but I didn't see UO listed among their influences. If you'd like to check out more of the music and get current updates on the band, I suggest you visit The Upsidedown MySpace Page first. If you get the chance, The Upsidedown website is also nice and has music available for download. Both places have another remixed version of today's featured song which is very much worth a listen. I'm hoping this band comes out with new stuff soon.

MP3: Wake Up Drive Thru

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