Friday, November 03, 2006

The Hard Tomorrows

Here we are with another Friday at hand and you just might know what that means? Well, maybe not so I should probably just go ahead and tell you. In searching for music on a daily basis I run into plenty of different genres, sub-genres, sub-sub genres... ok, let's just say styles of music. We usually try to mix things up here but at the end of the work week that all gets thrown aside in order for me to feature a favorite indie rock track I've run into during my weekly travels. I recently read a couple of smaller blogs with recent posts and different songs from today's featured artists. After listening to a few songs I was almost certain I wouldn't be able to feature them. I thought to myself, 'this is far too good n' radio friendly for them to have any less than 100,000 MySpace friends and a major label record deal'. It's a good thing I decided to check them out anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, no they are not a part of the EMI Group, nor are they the featured MySpace Band Of The Month... for now at least.

Rob Pierangeli
(guitar/vocals), Rishi Chakrabarty (guitar), Paul Michel (bass/keyboard) and Mike Tasevoli (drums) make up the Washington, D.C. indie rock quartet The Hard Tomorrows. Today's featured song has just about every ingredient I can think of for a textbook guitar rock gem. The aggressive howling guitars complete with endless feedback compliment the raspy, yet controlled, vocals and stiff percussion. This song is part of the bands debut full length 2006 CD Lights Out which was self released around a month ago. It is available on the Hard Tomorrows website for a mere $10 USD and I read that the packaging is nice also. If you'd like to hear more there is also The Hard Tomorrows MySpace page with 4 additional songs that are good also. If you reside in or around the DC area, the band is playing tonight at local venue Black Cat along with Shortstack (CD release) and These United States. Admission is $10...check em out.

MP3: Take Down

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