Sunday, March 30, 2008

MML Preview: Tomihira

Back in the earliest part 2006, we received our very first music care package from San Francisco, California based artist Dean Tomihira. Contained within the bubble wrapped envelope he sent was a copy of an amazing 2005 full length release titled Play Dead. That CD ended up traveling with me, almost immediately following it's arrival, over to London, UK for a second visit with MML editor and now resident concubine (wife) Michelle [... cheeky git! - ed.] After listening constantly for the duration of what can only be described as a mutual courtship with the perfect soundtrack, we posted a brief write-up on the music [March 2006 review + download]. As a follow up, a couple of months later, we revisited Dean's music with an excellent New Order cover song [May 2006 review + Mr. Disco MP3] that made its way onto a certain tribute album you might also want to check out. There is plenty of music to explore on the Tomihira website and additional information to find at the Tomihira MySpace page.

Now we get to the good stuff... a new track has been made available for us to share with you. The mood is consistent with everything we've grown to love including an equal balance of Dean's unmistakable vocals and light tension that falls gently into the warmest depths of our ears. The upcoming, yet to be titled album is currently being tweaked and polished and, with much anticipation, we look forward to the finished product. We highly recommend you have a first listen (even if @ 98 kbps)...

MP3: Ringers Off (New for 2008!!)

From the New Order tribute album Community 2 (2006)
MP3: Mr. Disco

From the release Play Dead (2005)
MP3: World Class
MP3: Pillbox

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We originally were not going to post anything this evening since my impacted wisdom teeth have decided to all sing painfully in unison today, but after a large dose of ibuprofen, I get to feature a band that we have been happily listening to for a few days now. Starfish100 is an indie pop/rock four piece from São Paulo, Brazil consisting of members Demys Schneider (vocals/guitars), Angelo Bijelli (vocals/guitars), Néo (bass) and André (drums). The band started out in 2001 when Demys arrived from London, UK and so they vocalize in both Portuguese and English. While the music is radio-friendly enough for a wider listening audience, there are also a few hints of a couple of late 80s/early 90s artists we at MML just so happen to love... both of which can found listed as influences on the Starfish100 MySpace page. While visiting there, be sure to check the videos and download some of the music. The next live performance will take place on April 5 at local São Paulo venue/club Berlin.

MP3: Untrue
MP3: Por Mais Que

As if the songs were not enough... here is a great YouTube video for the track "Untrue"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

MML Buzz: Uncut/Japan Release Date!

Long before the MML music blog existed, we inhabited a small, experimental corner of the internets in the form of a MySpace group page. During these not-so-glorious early days of late 2005, some friends were made and my first foray into the whole "dancing about architecture" type thing was born. Today's featured artist was the original subject of our affection and continues to be a staple of our daily listening regimen. The first exclusive took place last year [March 2007 review + video/downloadables] well after Toronto, Canada based quartet Uncut released their sophomore, 2006 full length album Modern Currencies. In avoiding another day late/dollar short (no pun) scenario, we've decided to give a timely announcement of the band's Japanese release date of April 2nd for Modern Currencies. The added bonus of two previously unheard tracks, in store for eager listeners such as ourselves, will accompany the new Japanese offering which will be made available through 51 Records (51 MySpace) next month. Word on the "mean streets" of Canada is that there will be more new music to follow, embracing the most recent addition of guitarist and resident camel tamer Chris McCann. We might just have to wait for the new material, much like a young boy sitting on the curb (baseball mitt in hand) hoping for dad to leave the pub to gather him for ball practice... meanwhile, there are a few treats from the past to revisit. Let's listen once again, shall we?

From the 2006 release Modern Currencies:
MP3: Darkhorse

From the 2005 release Those Who Were Hung Hang Here:
MP3: Copilot
MP3: Taken In Sleep

*Bonus MP3*: Taken In Sleep (Live) ...a long, long time ago

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Secret Knives

So a holiday weekend we are not particularly interested in is well underway, and our knee-jerk response is to do the following: a) cook lots of food, b) drink, c) listen to music. Since we have an eight pound ham boiling away in Coca-Cola with onions (thanks Nigella) and our collective liver is now feeling especially dapper, it was decided to feature an entire EP of new music for all to listen. We originally received an email from a really nice bloke named Blink, who just so happens to run the Wellington, New Zealand based record label A Low Hum, late last week. After poking around his links for a while, we discovered that, aside from the annual music festival he hosts, there are a handful of quality artists who are a part of his label and definitely deserve a second take. Today's featured music is the complete debut EP release, titled The Wolves, from local Wellington, NZ outfit Secret Knives. Information on the band is scarce at best but, if you are a fan or are at least familiar with the 2005-era Swedish music onslaught from labels like Labrador, there is a high probability that some of these new tracks will be an enjoyable listen. Here goes...

MP3: The Wolves
MP3: The Thief (*especially recommended*)
MP3: The Cage
MP3: Not In Love
MP3: The Skeleton (*especially recommended*)
MP3: The Transformer
MP3: Kerze

Friday, March 21, 2008

The French Semester

First of all, we need to give a big thank you shout to those who are now visiting MML via proxy server from China! Very cool. Today's featured artist gave us an instant thought/memory of Sebadoh days upon first review but, after a few listens, we were almost certain at least one of the creative forces involved must be the proud owner of an old Strawberry Alarm Clock record... and yes this is a very good thing. The French Semester is a Los Angeles, California based indie rock quartet consisting of Riaz Tejani (vocals, guitar), Bryan Sullivan (vocals, percussion, keys), Gil Disloquez (bass) and Mark Bullivant (drums). The band's upcoming, full length release titled Open Letter To The Disappeared is currently available for pre-order through Germany based label Beyond Your Mind Records (BYMR Myspace) The next live performance will take place tonight at local Hollywood venue Relax Bar. Lovely to have another good Winter song to bring about the much needed warmth of Spring for those of us who endure seasonal climates... brrrrr.

MP3: Winter Song

*Bonus* Ok, so maybe I was not completely accurate with my comparison here... but the following is still one of my favorite songs/guilty pleasures of all time.

MP3: Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


For regular visitors who might feel a bit neglected as a result of our lack of updates where shoegaze and related fuzz-tastic music are concerned, this might just be the post for you. Today we feature Skylight, a band that originally started out in 1990 with founding musicians Perry (bass, guitar, vocals, loops) and Brent Martino (guitar, programming, keyboards, loops), who, at the time, were residing in Boston, Massachusetts. After plenty of lineup changes and an eventual break in 1996, the duo reformed eleven years later in Chicago, Illinois with 2007 additions Kim (vocals) and Grant (drums, evil chants) to complete the full band once again. The years of separation might seem amazing enough, or at least worthy of note, but once we had a listen to the band's new demo track Winter Nights there was an instant recognition that the music was indeed a product of first-hand experience. More songs are available upon visiting the Skylight MySpace page so you had better glance down at the footwear and adjust your volume to ear-bleeding levels. Silly I know... but damn, this is good.

MP3: Winter Nights

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Alligators

It's just another Sunday and when the mood hits to feature an outstanding band we know absolutely nothing about, we are more than happy to share the music. The name was what originally caught my attention since a funk band of the same name used to play a Columbus venue my mother would drag me to when I was all of 10 years old. That was the (late) 70s...eeek! From what little information I gathered, The Alligators are an indie pop-rock quintet loosely based in Provo, Utah with current members Becca, Nate, Julian, Russell and Steve kicking up some of the most refreshing tracks we've heard so far this year. Again, our information is limited at best here but, there seems to be a forthcoming EP for 2008 and today's featured songs are listed as being a part of the new release. The next live performance will take place March 22 at local Provo venue Velour Live Music Gallery. We highly recommend you take a moment to listen to this band. Also expect a follow up once the new EP surfaces.

MP3: Oh Oh Oh
MP3: I'm Dungeons You're Dragons (RIP: Gary Gygax... yes, I was one of those nerds).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vanilla Swingers

While a number of obligations have kept us away for a few days, we've continued our listening duties and have another good one to share with you today. Since it will be raining all weekend here in the Queen City, the intro and steady, low key tone of today's featured track works well enough with our misty window view out over the Ohio River. Vanilla Swingers, a London, UK based duo of Anne & Miles, have a self titled debut that is set for release in May of 2008. The nine songs contained within the album tell a story of time travel between two people who finally revisit one another in the year 2015. The music was mixed,in part, by renowned producer/multi-instrumentalist Ian Catt and mastered by Kramer (yes, that Kramer) of recently re-born Second Shimmy. From the handful of songs we've taken in so far, the feel is decidedly 80s synth-based pop, threaded with a balanced measure of guitar accent and shared vocals that create warmth not usually found in retro offerings of this variety. A complete listen to the new album will give us a chance to piece together the story involved... we are looking forward to the May release date and live performances that are planned in support.

MP3: I'll Stay Next To You

Monday, March 10, 2008

Russian Spy Camera

I can't remember how we originally stumbled upon today's featured artist over a year and a half ago, but it's a good thing we did [July 2006 review + Curanderismo.mp3]. Since our last visit, Athens, Georgia based Russian Spy Camera seems to have grown from a duo into a three piece and have also just completed a follow up to their debut offering You Are A Vulture. The new full length release, titled Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives, twists up an odd but highly listenable mixture of turns within each track and throws plenty of curves we can recommend for sure. The Russian Spy Camera MySpace page has some upcoming live dates and a few of the new songs to check out, but the best part is this... you can download the entire new album completely free (but please donate if you can) while visiting the Russian Spy Camera website. The following three tracks belong to the new release and are in no particular order. Enjoy.

MP3: Bleeding At The Gums
MP3: Pixels In Your Soup
MP3: Hotels

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bob Mould / Halou @ The Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH 3/8/08

It's hard to believe now, but the first Bob Mould show (post Hüsker Dü) I had the opportunity to attend took place in Cleveland, Ohio during the Workbook Tour in May of 1989. A couple of years year later, I returned to Cleveland and actually had the chance to participate in an interview with Mr. Mould for WUJC (now WJCU) at a long since defunct club called The Empire in 1990. I still have the cassette tape of that interview we recorded with a Sony Walkman and will have to try to convert it to an updated format one of these days.

Lately, we haven't had the chance to take in many of Bob's live performances, and our visits up to northeastern Ohio are even less frequent, so braving a predicted snowstorm to make our way back to Cleveland seems to be the plan this weekend. Bob Mould will take the stage on Saturday, March 8, at The Grog Shop in support of his brand new full length release, District Line, which we previewed here on MML last December. We are more than excited and will be there, front and center, to enjoy the set.

From the February 2008 release District Line:
MP3: The Silence Between Us

As an added bonus, the opening act this Saturday evening will be San Francisco, California trio Halou, who we featured just over a year ago [December 2006 review + download]. The band now has a brand new 6 track EP, titled Sawtooth, which is an incredibly good listen. To hear more of the new music, stop in for a visit to the Halou MySpace page and be sure to make it to the show early this Saturday... snowsuit and all.

From the February 2008 EP Sawtooth:
MP3: It Will All Make Sense In The Morning

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hot Lava: Lavalogy

Yes, we realize this is the back cover of the new album, but the artwork is really good so you will have to wait to see the front.

As a follow up to our most recent post, just over a month ago [January 28 review + Mummy Beach MP3], we finally had a chance to take listen to the entire new album from a Richmond, Virginia based four piece/love-volcano known to many as Hot Lava. Front woman/band founder Allison Apperson was kind enough to float us the remastered tracks and we were then left with the difficult task of figuring out which song to feature. After playing paper-scissors-rock enough times (3 out of 5) to have a few cocktails, we found the following track a good representation of what you can expect from the new full length release, Lavalogy.

MP3: link removed... expect big things from Hot Lava!!

There are several additional gems within the new album including (our picks) Over It, Ghosties, Blue Dragon and yet another, titled BrainEX, that can be heard upon visiting the Hot Lava MySpace page. The CD release party will take place this Saturday, March 8, as the band performs at local venue Rumors Boutique (Rumors MySpace).

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Micevice: Experiments on the Duration of Love (1998)

Since we are off and running to hunt'n'gather our groceries for the week, this will be a quick post with a highly groovable song to make the day just a little more complete. Today's featured track was originally circulated as part of the full length album Experiments On The Duration Of Love which was recorded in 1998 then released in 1999 by a fledgling Italian outfit calling themselves Micevice. Thanks to the wise folks at Italian label MyHoney Records (MyHoney Myspace), we now have a chance to explore this obscure, decade-old classic with a new ear of appreciation. Monti-Chiari, Italy-born founding member Giovanni Ferrario had been creating music, in various forms, since the mid 1980s and has since been involved with a number of experimental musical projects, many of which can be found on the Giovanni Ferrario MySpace page. Be sure to listen to the 2002 track Raise A Shout while visiting Giovanni's MySpace... you might just thank us.

MP3: Queue For Sedatives