Saturday, March 22, 2008

Secret Knives

So a holiday weekend we are not particularly interested in is well underway, and our knee-jerk response is to do the following: a) cook lots of food, b) drink, c) listen to music. Since we have an eight pound ham boiling away in Coca-Cola with onions (thanks Nigella) and our collective liver is now feeling especially dapper, it was decided to feature an entire EP of new music for all to listen. We originally received an email from a really nice bloke named Blink, who just so happens to run the Wellington, New Zealand based record label A Low Hum, late last week. After poking around his links for a while, we discovered that, aside from the annual music festival he hosts, there are a handful of quality artists who are a part of his label and definitely deserve a second take. Today's featured music is the complete debut EP release, titled The Wolves, from local Wellington, NZ outfit Secret Knives. Information on the band is scarce at best but, if you are a fan or are at least familiar with the 2005-era Swedish music onslaught from labels like Labrador, there is a high probability that some of these new tracks will be an enjoyable listen. Here goes...

MP3: The Wolves
MP3: The Thief (*especially recommended*)
MP3: The Cage
MP3: Not In Love
MP3: The Skeleton (*especially recommended*)
MP3: The Transformer
MP3: Kerze


Joao said...

Hi Case! I really liked Secret Knives! They reminded me some groups from the 80s that I really liked (but I'm not going to tell which ones). Anyway, what I'm saying is that they "reminded" me, not that they are a "copy of". Besides, I really liked those groups, so if there are new groups playing like that, it is good enough for me. By the way, is "Not in Love" song really like that? I thought that I had some kind of virus in the computer, or that it was possessed by some evil spirit... Well, maybe I'm missing the point of that song, but I'm afraid I would prefer that it was played in the right direction, no backwards. Anyway, it is only my opinion, and after all the other songs are quite good.

Anonymous said...

this is rad. fuck you Joao