Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Alligators

It's just another Sunday and when the mood hits to feature an outstanding band we know absolutely nothing about, we are more than happy to share the music. The name was what originally caught my attention since a funk band of the same name used to play a Columbus venue my mother would drag me to when I was all of 10 years old. That was the (late) 70s...eeek! From what little information I gathered, The Alligators are an indie pop-rock quintet loosely based in Provo, Utah with current members Becca, Nate, Julian, Russell and Steve kicking up some of the most refreshing tracks we've heard so far this year. Again, our information is limited at best here but, there seems to be a forthcoming EP for 2008 and today's featured songs are listed as being a part of the new release. The next live performance will take place March 22 at local Provo venue Velour Live Music Gallery. We highly recommend you take a moment to listen to this band. Also expect a follow up once the new EP surfaces.

MP3: Oh Oh Oh
MP3: I'm Dungeons You're Dragons (RIP: Gary Gygax... yes, I was one of those nerds).

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