Sunday, March 23, 2008

MML Buzz: Uncut/Japan Release Date!

Long before the MML music blog existed, we inhabited a small, experimental corner of the internets in the form of a MySpace group page. During these not-so-glorious early days of late 2005, some friends were made and my first foray into the whole "dancing about architecture" type thing was born. Today's featured artist was the original subject of our affection and continues to be a staple of our daily listening regimen. The first exclusive took place last year [March 2007 review + video/downloadables] well after Toronto, Canada based quartet Uncut released their sophomore, 2006 full length album Modern Currencies. In avoiding another day late/dollar short (no pun) scenario, we've decided to give a timely announcement of the band's Japanese release date of April 2nd for Modern Currencies. The added bonus of two previously unheard tracks, in store for eager listeners such as ourselves, will accompany the new Japanese offering which will be made available through 51 Records (51 MySpace) next month. Word on the "mean streets" of Canada is that there will be more new music to follow, embracing the most recent addition of guitarist and resident camel tamer Chris McCann. We might just have to wait for the new material, much like a young boy sitting on the curb (baseball mitt in hand) hoping for dad to leave the pub to gather him for ball practice... meanwhile, there are a few treats from the past to revisit. Let's listen once again, shall we?

From the 2006 release Modern Currencies:
MP3: Darkhorse

From the 2005 release Those Who Were Hung Hang Here:
MP3: Copilot
MP3: Taken In Sleep

*Bonus MP3*: Taken In Sleep (Live) ...a long, long time ago

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