Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We originally were not going to post anything this evening since my impacted wisdom teeth have decided to all sing painfully in unison today, but after a large dose of ibuprofen, I get to feature a band that we have been happily listening to for a few days now. Starfish100 is an indie pop/rock four piece from São Paulo, Brazil consisting of members Demys Schneider (vocals/guitars), Angelo Bijelli (vocals/guitars), Néo (bass) and André (drums). The band started out in 2001 when Demys arrived from London, UK and so they vocalize in both Portuguese and English. While the music is radio-friendly enough for a wider listening audience, there are also a few hints of a couple of late 80s/early 90s artists we at MML just so happen to love... both of which can found listed as influences on the Starfish100 MySpace page. While visiting there, be sure to check the videos and download some of the music. The next live performance will take place on April 5 at local São Paulo venue/club Berlin.

MP3: Untrue
MP3: Por Mais Que

As if the songs were not enough... here is a great YouTube video for the track "Untrue"

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Kadu Guariente said...

Right!Its Demmys Time....
Cheers from Curitiba-Brazil