Friday, March 21, 2008

The French Semester

First of all, we need to give a big thank you shout to those who are now visiting MML via proxy server from China! Very cool. Today's featured artist gave us an instant thought/memory of Sebadoh days upon first review but, after a few listens, we were almost certain at least one of the creative forces involved must be the proud owner of an old Strawberry Alarm Clock record... and yes this is a very good thing. The French Semester is a Los Angeles, California based indie rock quartet consisting of Riaz Tejani (vocals, guitar), Bryan Sullivan (vocals, percussion, keys), Gil Disloquez (bass) and Mark Bullivant (drums). The band's upcoming, full length release titled Open Letter To The Disappeared is currently available for pre-order through Germany based label Beyond Your Mind Records (BYMR Myspace) The next live performance will take place tonight at local Hollywood venue Relax Bar. Lovely to have another good Winter song to bring about the much needed warmth of Spring for those of us who endure seasonal climates... brrrrr.

MP3: Winter Song

*Bonus* Ok, so maybe I was not completely accurate with my comparison here... but the following is still one of my favorite songs/guilty pleasures of all time.

MP3: Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints


4casey4 said...

Oh my... I must have had the bonus song on my slow little brain because I meant to mention & post The Byrds!! How does this happen?

Your truly retarded host,

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more REM but thanks for giving me a laugh today.