Sunday, March 02, 2008

Micevice: Experiments on the Duration of Love (1998)

Since we are off and running to hunt'n'gather our groceries for the week, this will be a quick post with a highly groovable song to make the day just a little more complete. Today's featured track was originally circulated as part of the full length album Experiments On The Duration Of Love which was recorded in 1998 then released in 1999 by a fledgling Italian outfit calling themselves Micevice. Thanks to the wise folks at Italian label MyHoney Records (MyHoney Myspace), we now have a chance to explore this obscure, decade-old classic with a new ear of appreciation. Monti-Chiari, Italy-born founding member Giovanni Ferrario had been creating music, in various forms, since the mid 1980s and has since been involved with a number of experimental musical projects, many of which can be found on the Giovanni Ferrario MySpace page. Be sure to listen to the 2002 track Raise A Shout while visiting Giovanni's MySpace... you might just thank us.

MP3: Queue For Sedatives

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