Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hot Lava: Lavalogy

Yes, we realize this is the back cover of the new album, but the artwork is really good so you will have to wait to see the front.

As a follow up to our most recent post, just over a month ago [January 28 review + Mummy Beach MP3], we finally had a chance to take listen to the entire new album from a Richmond, Virginia based four piece/love-volcano known to many as Hot Lava. Front woman/band founder Allison Apperson was kind enough to float us the remastered tracks and we were then left with the difficult task of figuring out which song to feature. After playing paper-scissors-rock enough times (3 out of 5) to have a few cocktails, we found the following track a good representation of what you can expect from the new full length release, Lavalogy.

MP3: link removed... expect big things from Hot Lava!!

There are several additional gems within the new album including (our picks) Over It, Ghosties, Blue Dragon and yet another, titled BrainEX, that can be heard upon visiting the Hot Lava MySpace page. The CD release party will take place this Saturday, March 8, as the band performs at local venue Rumors Boutique (Rumors MySpace).

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