Sunday, March 30, 2008

MML Preview: Tomihira

Back in the earliest part 2006, we received our very first music care package from San Francisco, California based artist Dean Tomihira. Contained within the bubble wrapped envelope he sent was a copy of an amazing 2005 full length release titled Play Dead. That CD ended up traveling with me, almost immediately following it's arrival, over to London, UK for a second visit with MML editor and now resident concubine (wife) Michelle [... cheeky git! - ed.] After listening constantly for the duration of what can only be described as a mutual courtship with the perfect soundtrack, we posted a brief write-up on the music [March 2006 review + download]. As a follow up, a couple of months later, we revisited Dean's music with an excellent New Order cover song [May 2006 review + Mr. Disco MP3] that made its way onto a certain tribute album you might also want to check out. There is plenty of music to explore on the Tomihira website and additional information to find at the Tomihira MySpace page.

Now we get to the good stuff... a new track has been made available for us to share with you. The mood is consistent with everything we've grown to love including an equal balance of Dean's unmistakable vocals and light tension that falls gently into the warmest depths of our ears. The upcoming, yet to be titled album is currently being tweaked and polished and, with much anticipation, we look forward to the finished product. We highly recommend you have a first listen (even if @ 98 kbps)...

MP3: Ringers Off (New for 2008!!)

From the New Order tribute album Community 2 (2006)
MP3: Mr. Disco

From the release Play Dead (2005)
MP3: World Class
MP3: Pillbox

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