Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Affordable Hybrid

As a complete departure from our most recent offerings here at MML, we decided it best to club you over the head with an excellent post-punk rock band we've had on full volume for the past couple of days. Affordable Hybrid is a young quartet from Vänersborg, Sweden with a current lineup consisting of members Samuel Järpvik (guitar, vocals), Joel Eriksson (guitar, vocals), Lars Löfgren (bass, vocals) and Mikael Björklund (destroying his drum kit). The band has been active in both recording and performing live since 2003 and has easily captured our attention with a sound I can only place between Fugazi and some of the more coherent material we remember from Jesus Lizard. Here is a first listen to a track that might even give Ian MacKaye a reason to smile blushingly.

MP3: Say Ah

Say Ah is just one of 13 tracks that belong to the late 2007 debut album, titled The Snake Was A Mistake, which was recorded over the summer by fellow musician/producer Dieter Schöön and released by the band's current label Tell Me That You Love Me. We've had a chance to take in the entire thing and all songs are equally impressive. For those who'd like to hear more, there is also an Affordable Hybrid MySpace page where you can find plenty of music, both past and present, and an extensive list of their upcoming live performance dates. The new European tour kicks off this Saturday, April 5 at the local (annual) Vänersborg music festival widely known as Fairfest (2008). We now leave you with another track that could possibly give you a semi-understanding of our earlier Jesus Lizard hint. Can you tell we like this band?

MP3: It Might Be Too Late

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