Monday, April 21, 2008

Dead Leaf Echo: Pale Fire EP

At some point in 2006, we received a kind message from NYC based artist Dead Leaf Echo (DLE MySpace) and, for reasons we can only chalk up to dysfunction on our part, communication was lost before we could feature the band's debut release Faint Violet Whiff. The sound, at that time, was decidedly 80s with more of a Roxy Music feel than anything we could attach to the crop of proto-shoegazers that would follow a few short years later... but now we have an updated story to report. The New York City trio of LG (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Mike DiLalla (bass) and Liza B (keys,vocals) recently mailed us a new offering we can recommend without hesitation. Pale Fire is the title of this brand new EP, and what we believe is the the lead track from it was actually mixed by UK shoegaze/dreampop extraordinaire Ulrich Schnauss (Ulrich Schnauss MySpace). The next live performance will be a definite highlight of an event, sponsored by the lovely and growing Loveless Music Group (LMG MySpace), that is set to take place April 23 at local Brooklyn venue Rehab. Expect plenty of future updates on DLE from MML.

MP3: Pale Fire

Oh, and before I forget. The band is currently exploring the idea of adding an additional member in the form of a quality percussionist. Please contact DLE directly if you are interested.


4casey4 said...

Sorry... we tried everything aside from doing our own karaoke version of the featured track so you could hear it. Our server refuses to cooperate with us this evening. Other tracks are fine to upload but this one just will not work...hrmmm.

You can listen on the Dead Leaf Echo Myspace... I knew those links were good for something.


4casey4 said...

The mp3 works now!!