Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Never Setting Suns: Meet Me There

Nearly two years ago, in March 2010, we presented an introduction to a favourite (sadly now defunct) music venue that included tracks from a local band we had just discovered. Two short months later, our attention once again focused on the trio of Corey Larrison (guitar, vocals), Chris Courts (bass) and Tyler Griffin (percussion) who make up the Cincinnati, Ohio music collective The Never Setting Suns with their sophomore release And Now We Are Not Alone. As a follow-up, the band now has a brand new single, titled Meet Me There, that will eventually belong to a third album, Time & Eternity, which is set for a release date of March 24. Our first taste of the new material swirls with "I Break Chairs" flavours of Damion Jurado and energetic moments Paul Weller might even enjoy... all while the band maintains a unique and level sound of their very own. Exciting new stuff from local musicians with plenty of potential outside of I-275. For additional information, check them out at The Never Setting Suns Facebook page. Love this new single.

MP3: Meet Me There