Friday, June 29, 2007

It's A Musical!

Just over a year ago, we featured the music of a female artist from Sweden who, besides the project name, simply went by her first name Ella. [May 6 2006 review + download]. When we recently noticed a brand new collaboration and that Ella had since moved to Berlin, Germany, we couldn't wait to listen. The musician I am referring to is Ella Blixt and the last time we visited her music, it was presented under the name Bobby Baby. While Ella's music continues with this name, you can visit the Bobby Baby website for downloadable songs she has been making available since 2005. Also, stop in to check out the Bobby Baby MySpace page for updated information and more music.

Robert (or Robot) is a musician from Germany who is half of the duo Lady Boy along with a wonderful new discovery for us in guitarist/vocalist Kitty. While there is not much in the way of detailed information on this music project, you can visit the Lady Boy website as well as the Lady Boy MySpace page for a plenty of really good tracks for a listen. They supported Bobby Baby on a 2006 tour in Germany and are currently signed to Berlin based Solaris Empire Records (Solaris Empire MySpace). We must add... Robert looks quite charming in his bear suit.

Sometime after meeting during the 2006 live performance schedule in Germany, Ella Blixt (organ, keyboard, vocals) and Robert/Robot (drums, vibraphone, vocals) formed It's a Musical! The latest addition to the new group happened in May when they enlisted the assistance of Marcel (broken bass, mini keyboard) to complete the lineup. The It's a Musical! MySpace page is new and needs to be visited for a compulsory "friend request" in support. There is also an It's a Musical! website that has the balance of new music for you to download. All of the links above are very much worth your time. Very nice.

MP3: Pain Song
MP3: Take Off Your T-Shirt

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Happy Few

We hadn't planned on posting music today and were looking forward to a night away from our computers. As is often the case, I just had to log in to my magic button machine and listen to one new band after work... and they turned out to be exceptionally good. From what little information is available, The Happy Few are an indie rock quartet from Utrecht Netherlands consisting of musicians Joep Geevers (vocals, guitar), Joris van Grunsven (guitar), Merel Koning (bass) and Linda de Glee (drums). The energetic indie guitar rock tracks you are hopefully listening to right now are actually part of a demo if you can believe it. To listen to the rest of these new songs and find a link to download the entire demo release free of charge, you only need to visit The Happy Few MySpace page. I'm not sure they have an official website just yet and the band is also currently unsigned. The lead track Red and Blue is probably our pick as stand out, while the following song Mister Man presents more than a healthy amount of peripheral dysfunction for your enjoyment. Check them out for sure.

MP3: Red And Blue
MP3: Mister Man

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bedroom Eyes

So we leave town on holiday for a few days and look what happens?? We miss a new release from one of our favorite Swedish indie pop musicians. It should have been a big clue when we returned to find plenty of page hits from today's featured artist's website, but it was only after we found a MySpace comment regarding the brand new Valentine Vacancy EP that the news was realized. We originally featured Bedroom Eyes Last November 15, 2006 [original review + download] and, according to a very reliable source, were the first music blog to do so. As a follow up, we are now posting some of the best jangly indie pop we've heard yet this year. After listening to the new 4 song release from Östersund, Sweden musician Jonas Jonsson and his cast of supporting friends that make up Bedroom Eyes, we are once again blown away. You can probably place a safe bet that our year end Best of 2007 roundup will include the music featured today. For the balance of downloadable tracks and links to upcoming live performance dates, visit the Bedroom Eyes website. There is also a Bedroom Eyes MySpace page you might want to check out for a more information and streaming music. All of the new songs are an excellent listen and the two available below deserve a ridiculously high recommendation from both of us at MML. Take a listen...!!

MP3: Hand-In-Hand Grenade
MP3: (Here's One For You) Underdog

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Have we visited the wonderful city of Athens, Greece for music lately? I hardly think so, and it seems we have been missing out on a very large scale as a result. Gravitysays_i was originally featured as part of an experimental music set [03/30/07 review + download] we posted here on the blog, and quickly became part of our daily listening regimen. When we received a message from the band while they were in France recording last week, a new song (plus an actual picture we could use) were part of the email promo-package they sent and I could hardly wait to feature them again. For news and plenty of good music stop into the Gravitysays_i MySpace page. Lovely music!!

MP3: Wicked Sky

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MML News: Bob Mould DVD Preview!!

Bob Mould photographed by the fair hand of MML.

Ok, ok... please don't wet your collective knickers. The numerous Bob Mould fans/bloggers who are connected to our blog are probably getting the good news as we post the new link.. This is absolutely amazing and I can't believe Jason Narducy posted a preview via MySpace bulletin this evening. The upcoming live DVD from the Bob Mould Band titled Circle Of Friends is set for release October 2007 and we've been waiting for some time to see it. This preview consists of a local Washington, D.C. performance at 9:30 Club that concluded the 2005 tour supporting the incredible LP Body Of Song.

A Good Idea is a favorite song of ours from the Sugar days, and here it is live... To say this is classic "Bob" is an understatement.

Live Video: Bob Mould - A Good Idea (2005) higher recommendation than this!!

The DVD contains the full live set, as follows:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Le Rug: C.R.E.E.P.

Welcome to yet another installment of Le Rug here on MML. If you missed the previous posts regarding this band, and specifically NYC musician Ray Weiss, we have cataloged the entries for your review. Over the past year, Ray has become a very good friend and continues to share his music with you through our little blog. We seriously recommend you take a listen to some of the previous tracks and check out the homemade videos... His material is all very impressive.

Le Rug: March 16, 2007
Le Rug: January 10, 2007
Le Rug: January 9, 2007
The Medics: May 27, 2006

Today's featured track, Buffalo, belongs to the upcoming self-released full length CD C.R.E.E.P. It was recorded almost entirely in analog with the drums on only one microphone. It should be available by month end and there will be a local New York City release party to support it. For more information, future live dates, a consistently updated supply of new streaming songs and to buy stuff, stop into the Le Rug MySpace page. While there, add on as a friend but be prepared for both MySpace bulletins and blogs that will give you an interesting look into the madness that revolves around this great music. Before I forget the big news, Le Rug will be also be featured as part of a UK documentary on global local music scenes. The project is called GLOCAL and a video trailer is available there at the link for you to watch. Check it out for sure.

MP3: Buffalo

Friday, June 15, 2007


Just over a week ago, a certain NYC band sent us a passing message in regards to one of our favorite artists of the 1980s (Salem 66.) We then found it mandatory to listen to them closely, and after taking in a couple of tracks they sent via email press-thingy, we were won over quickly. It was only yesterday that our postbox was opened to find a package from the band, after which we took the time to have a few beers and a proper listen. The new self released CD, Blanket Ice, is outstanding (as you have probably noticed) and the date it will be available is this very day, June 15, 2007. Check the links below to get your hands on it.

Luff is a Brooklyn, New York 4 piece that started out in 2002 consisting of founding member Sheila Sobolewski (guitar, vocals), Tara Smith (bass), Liz Bustamante (drums) and more recent addition Robin Pickering (guitar.) If you are already listening to the tracks provided, you will hopefully catch both the dreamy and beautifully dreary qualities of these low key guitar rock songs. Sheila's warm vocals complete this sound and are easily the reason we are highly recommending the brand new release Blanket Ice. Since the Luff website is currently being updated, you will need to visit the Luff MySpace page for more information and music. If you would like to pick up a copy of the new 10 song album (and you do because my eyes are bright red and shooting lasers at you) stop by this CD Baby link. Can you tell we like this band a bunch?

MP3: Blanket Ice
MP3: A Place To Visit

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The High Violets Live: 06/11/07

Last night, we had the opportunity to walk across our street to a local rock venue for a band we featured almost a year ago. If you missed the original post on June 16, 2006, here ya go. [original review + download]. As some sort of consolation prize package for those who couldn't make it to the show, we found ourselves involved in this wonderfully dreamy little rock set and took a few photos to share. Before we start in with the pictures, please check The High Violets MySpace page for more music and info on the balance of live dates for the current tour. The High Violets website is currently being updated. We've added various MP3 tracks from the band's most recent Reverb Records release To Where You Are. so take a listen. Recording is already underway for a new album and we can't wait to get our hands on it!

We immediately spotted frontwoman/guitarist Kaitlyn ni Donovan and lead guitarist Clint Sargent having a beer as we walked into the bar. After a brief introduction and a round of beers with them, they took to the stage. These pictures are dark, as usual, and a bit blurry where Kaitlyn is concerned since she was fairly active on stage. Click the pictures for a full view and just know... this band was excellent live.

MP3: Love Is Blinding

From stage left...

MP3: Sun Baby

From Stage Right...

MP3: Invitation

This would most definitely be our favorite picture of the evening. After the set, another round of beers and drummer Luke Strahota decides to take the weight off his feet for a photo with us. The High Violets & Milk Milk Lemonade... Great stuff.

If you live west of us and get the chance, check out a live show before they make their way back home to Portland, Oregon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pansy Division

At last count, there were 14 bands we have lined up to feature here on the blog. Michelle and I were married a few weeks ago and have been attempting to stay away from computers for a spell. To be honest, we've been traveling quite a bit. This weekend we visited one of the coolest towns we've been to yet, Louisville, Kentucky. While checking out the countless pubs, shops and restaurants on Bardstown Road, we happened upon a really good little record shop with a nice used CD selection. I picked up a copy of Husker Du's Flip Your Wig and another classic in A Wizard/A True Star (Todd is God), but today's feature is the highlight of that stop in our travels. On our way back home to Cincinnati, I almost spit a mouthful of Red Bull through my nose at the windshield as the below mentioned Judas Priest cover song took shape. Just in case you are not familiar with them... Pansy Division is a classic indie rock band from San Francisco, California consisting of primary members Jon Ginoli, Chris Freeman and Luis Illades, with additional guitarist Joel Reader. They have been creating this particular brand of what has often been referred to as queer-core since 1991. If you would like to check out more of this big gay rock sound, all you have to do is visit the Pansy Division MySpace page. One of the first songs I ever had an opportunity to experience from the band, Dick Of Death, is streaming there. For a ton of excellent downloads and more information, stop by the Pansy Division website. Their next live performance will take place June 24 at the San Francisco Pride Festival.

From the 1997 Lookout Records collection of singles, rarities and live tracks, More Lovin' From Our Oven:

MP3: Manada
MP3: Manada (version Quebecois)
MP3: Hockey Hair
MP3: Breaking The Law (Judas Priest kinda)

From the mid-1999 (recorded) late-2003 (released) project Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show

BONUS MP3: I Can Make You A Man

If you get a kick out of this as much as we do, check out another SF band, Ex-Boyfriends... we reviewed them February 2006.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Goodbye Sergeants

Since we have been on a classic indie kick as of late, it only made perfect sense to post a new, energetic rock band that just so happened to stumble across our little music blog. After receiving a very nice message from today's featured artists, we had a listen to some of their tracks. Besides an obvious comparison to some of our own favorite British rock classics, there also exists an ever-so-slight Chicago post hardcore sound I was not expecting. For some strange reason, the late 80s material of Naked Raygun comes to mind and that is not a bad thing at all. These songs are quick, intelligent and and an excellent listen for those who can appreciate extremely tight presentation with a sense of humor. Oh and.. did I mention these tracks are only demos?

Goodbye Sergeants are a four piece from London (and thereabouts), UK, consisting of Employee Of The Month award winners... Special K (vocals, guitars, customer service), Mr. Norris (guitar, litigation), Mr. Trill (bass, sales) and John "Chopper" Shortt (drums, business development.) The music we've featured here for your review will eventually become a part of the band's upcoming EP. Check the Goodbye Sergeants website for updated info on this debut release and a few live videos. To see a monkey ride a pig rodeo style, buy a t-shirt and listen to more music from the band, you need only visit the Goodbye Sergeants MySpace page. The next live performance will take place 6 July at Oxford Street venue The Metro. Enjoy the following...

MP3s: [links expired: album released!]

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Cynics

We've hardly had a chance to sit down and post anything here lately. When the odd chance happens to present itself, I usually end up checking other blogs to see what is happening. This time, we visit one of our more recent favorites around the blogosphere. In case you hadn't checked the links on the right side of our page, NEVVER is an excellent stop on your daily travels. Instead of the prolonged ramble you endure on most sites (including our own), there is simply one song and a single picture submitted...per day. I checked in last week and was blown away to find a regional favorite from my college days many years ago. That's How I Feel is from the 1994 LP Get Our Way which was released on guitarist/backing vocalist Gregg Kostelich's own label Get Hip Recordings (Get Hip MySpace.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania artists The Cynics have been around since the early 80s, but I only first experienced their sound 10 years later while shopping at a thrift/record store in Athens, Ohio. I purchased a then brand new copy of their 1993 album Learn To Lose that same day and still love it. The Cynics called it quits sometime during the end of the 90s but have since returned with an appearance at SXSW 2007 and an upcoming release in Living Is The Best Revenge. To hear more outstanding garage rock, get additional info and view a few videos, check out The Cynics MySpace.

From the LP: Get Our Way (1994):
MP3: That's How I Feel

From the LP: Learn To Lose (1993):
MP3: How Could I