Friday, June 15, 2007


Just over a week ago, a certain NYC band sent us a passing message in regards to one of our favorite artists of the 1980s (Salem 66.) We then found it mandatory to listen to them closely, and after taking in a couple of tracks they sent via email press-thingy, we were won over quickly. It was only yesterday that our postbox was opened to find a package from the band, after which we took the time to have a few beers and a proper listen. The new self released CD, Blanket Ice, is outstanding (as you have probably noticed) and the date it will be available is this very day, June 15, 2007. Check the links below to get your hands on it.

Luff is a Brooklyn, New York 4 piece that started out in 2002 consisting of founding member Sheila Sobolewski (guitar, vocals), Tara Smith (bass), Liz Bustamante (drums) and more recent addition Robin Pickering (guitar.) If you are already listening to the tracks provided, you will hopefully catch both the dreamy and beautifully dreary qualities of these low key guitar rock songs. Sheila's warm vocals complete this sound and are easily the reason we are highly recommending the brand new release Blanket Ice. Since the Luff website is currently being updated, you will need to visit the Luff MySpace page for more information and music. If you would like to pick up a copy of the new 10 song album (and you do because my eyes are bright red and shooting lasers at you) stop by this CD Baby link. Can you tell we like this band a bunch?

MP3: Blanket Ice
MP3: A Place To Visit


Anonymous said...

I like, I like. If they have been around since 2002, are there any singles,demos or is this a debut?


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob.
So glad you like our songs. This is our first full length. In the years since the project started, it's seen many line up changes. It actually started as one guitar and one cello, and has grown over time into what you hear now. We never officially released our ep.
Thanks for asking!