Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Happy Few

We hadn't planned on posting music today and were looking forward to a night away from our computers. As is often the case, I just had to log in to my magic button machine and listen to one new band after work... and they turned out to be exceptionally good. From what little information is available, The Happy Few are an indie rock quartet from Utrecht Netherlands consisting of musicians Joep Geevers (vocals, guitar), Joris van Grunsven (guitar), Merel Koning (bass) and Linda de Glee (drums). The energetic indie guitar rock tracks you are hopefully listening to right now are actually part of a demo if you can believe it. To listen to the rest of these new songs and find a link to download the entire demo release free of charge, you only need to visit The Happy Few MySpace page. I'm not sure they have an official website just yet and the band is also currently unsigned. The lead track Red and Blue is probably our pick as stand out, while the following song Mister Man presents more than a healthy amount of peripheral dysfunction for your enjoyment. Check them out for sure.

MP3: Red And Blue
MP3: Mister Man


Anonymous said...

Why have I not heard this band?

Good one

Anonymous said...

real nice music! Thanks for the find!